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More and more of our digital dating world keeps coming up with new terms for bad dating behavior. Thought it was just happening to millennials? Think again. My Happiness Hypothesis study found that it is happening across the globe to both men and women for millennials and GenX.

It is creating the paradox effect in dating: it’s giving off the illusion of many choices while making it harder to find viable options.

Is technology driving dating, sex, and emotion? Are dating patterns just an extension of how we behave on social networks? I had a chance to explore some of this phenomena with rockstar Raffael Krause, Founder of LoveBlock, a decentralized database for dating, and now Head of PR at Luxy. Luxy is the #1 exclusive millionaire dating app that requires you to be vouched in and was featured on Netflix’s The Fix.

Your career is so fascinating and inspiring. You are under 30 and the Head of PR. Tell us about your career trajectory?

My career started five years ago in finance at the all-German financial group Wüstenrot & Württembergische. But having itchy feet, I eventually moved to Hong Kong, where I got in contact with the dating and Blockchain industry. I established LoveBlock, a Decentralized Database for Dating, a system that helps make dating more safe by eliminating scams and fake profiles from platforms. No more Catfishing! After a short time, we got in contact with Luxy, the No. 1 Dating App for successful and wealthy people, and started to work closer with them. I got the chance to contribute with my skills in Marketing, so here I am being responsible for the brand and PR.

What got you interested in the industry?

When I moved to Hong Kong, I met people who worked in the Dating Industry and we began to discuss its widespread problems such as scammers, fraud, fake profiles and data breaches.

Since everyone should be able to find love without any second thoughts – online or offline – we established LoveBlock to support a scam and risk-free environment.

Now at Luxy, we are continuing this development utilizing Blockchain’s advantages to further securing our platform.

Amazing to see your LoveBlock applied to Luxy! What’s the best part?

Especially interesting is hearing people’s stories about how they got together after meeting their partner on Luxy! At the end of the day that is what really counts, right? When your product or service can make people happy it will give you a further boost to try even harder.

What amazing projects can we expect to see next?

We want to increase dating safety and matchmaking efficiency. Blockchain opens the doors wide for A.I. and machine learning. We are using both to optimize the matching algorithm and to even eliminate every little security risk.

We are improving our matchmaking algorithm and vetting process because not everyone can join Luxy. In fact, just 10-15% of all new registrants are ‘vouched in’ by existing users and Luxy staff. Together with local partners we will strengthen our position among high achieving individuals and increasing our users’ offline benefits. Stay tuned!

What are your goals at Luxy?

We want people to find their perfect high-quality match in the most convenient way. That is and has always been the goal at Luxy. Every Luxy member can expect 24/7 professional customer service and the best and most exclusive community.

Luxy combines dating effectiveness with quality that greatly increases the successful matches and satisfaction among our users.

With other common dating apps, you end up endless swiping for a good profile and classical matchmaking sites simply don’t provide you with quality choices. Luxy is completely different but yet, so much more rewarding for its users.

What features do you have coming up?

We will revolutionize the industry by implementing a ‘user quality’ verification. Right now, everyone needs approval by selected Luxy users and one of our staff to successfully join Luxy. Since this process is effective but always depends on who is voting on your profile, we are establishing a system that filtering profiles among the same criteria. It might get stricter for some people but it won’t be necessary to meet a certain income level.

How do you create work-life balance?

Don’t ask me about that! I think I’m a terrible example. I am living in Hong Kong and work in one of the busiest industries. We do work a lot. On my free Sundays, I love to work out and go biking with my fiance and explore. The food here is amazing, checking out new markets and street food is always an adventure. Since my free time is limited, I cherish time with my girlfriend, family and friends much more than before.

Can you share some tips on how to cultivate it in our own lives?

You have to find your own rhythm. Some need physical connection, some need mental stimulation.

Find something that you’re passionate about and then do it.

For me it’s exploring new places and travel. I do several short vacations over weekends during the year. That really re-freshens my mind.

What in your opinion is the future of dating?

Experts and researchers, like you, predict disruptive changes during the next 20 years: Virtual Dates where all of your five senses get stimulated at once to create a true virtual reality where you actually can hold someone’s hand or steal a kiss before you meet your date in the actual real world. Or artificial intelligence what will be able to analyze your behavior to display your perfect matches according to your routines.

I have been predicting a greater use of AI in dating apps for years, now. It plays a role in things that we use every day, i.e., Google and facebook, yet it scares people. What are your thoughts on VR?

To me, those changes are fascinating but scary at the same time. I mean, won’t we lose the exciting feeling when getting to know a person better? And surely I won’t spend my evenings plugged to VR sensors pretending I’m cuddling with my date. And I think most of the people won’t.

But what I believe is that dating services will play a more important role in people’s lives than before. They are convenient and if they are designed seriously and it can be effective.

Right now, about one-fifth of all adults used a dating app or matchmaker.

This number will continue to grow and people will use them to initiate contact and meet new people. Dating providers should focus on their core issues and don’t try to do something you’re not. There is still much to fix among security and successful matches before achieving total trust and satisfaction.

What advice would you offer to those interested in getting in the industry?

Keep up with the latest trends and prepare to be busy! The dating industry is one of the most competitive. That’s good because every person can find the right dating service out there. But this competition is also brutal. You should constantly improve your product to give users a reason why they should choose you. If you always wanted to be part of those who create something new, give it a shot!

What would you tell your younger self?

Learn Chinese fluently! I really wish I could start any kind of conversation with local people. But if I told my younger self I would end up working in China and Asia, I wouldn’t believe myself anyway.  


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