The word love itself as a magical effect on everyone making our senses come alive. A beautiful feeling of an escalated emotion which camouflages all the other colours of life. A positive emotion which releases a fluid energy within us, making us elated and giving us the Déjà vu feeling. All the alphabets present in the language cannot truly define the mystical sensation of being in love. A lifelong puzzle which needs to be solved, with various sets of versions, at different stages of life. Many people have tried their level best to give different meanings and different definitions to frame a worthful explanation. On the basis of anatomical, psychological, spiritual and logical grounds. But none of them could do true justice to the ephemeral feeling. The more vocabulary we utilize to define it, the more complicated the words became to comprehend.

What should be the real meaning of love… Is it the feeling of longing, or an emotion of acceptance, or a sense of proximity. The pursuit of defining it still continues decade after decades. Scientifically speaking, the various scientists attributed the culprit to be the “pheromone” the hormone which causes the attraction to be amplified between the two people to produce an aura of longing and belonging. Psychologist thinks that person or thing which pleases to our mind and heart will leave a remarkable effect on our thought process, signalling a roller coaster ride of emotions, which leaves an imprint on our mind depending on the factor prominent at that moment, giving the suitable definition at that time. On the spiritual note, the word love itself had undergone various transformations according to various religions and beliefs. Some give it a name of devotion, some viewed it as the sacrifice, and some rendered it as a selfless attachment, metamorphosing this term beyond comprehension. When the turn of logic came, it defied all the boundaries of feelings, to tag it as a sentiment, which has no connection with the mind and heart. It is just a Phase of the visual treat, which casts a shadow on our thoughts, making us lose our balance and stability.

The perception of this emotion, which is an undiluted form of affection has got different angles from different people’s views at different stages of life. Speaking about the onset of motherhood, for a mother, the true meaning of love is the sensation of feeling the creation in her womb, which is taking a form. The troubles, trauma’s and tribulations mean nothing to her, as her only concern is to safeguard her progeny from all sorts of impending dangers. The parturition period of a mother is called as Re-birth” as the contraction of the pain is beyond the bearable limits, putting her life on the threshold of death. But still, with the smile and hope, she undergoes this torturous journey, to make a wonderful ounce of her, come into this world. Her cry of joy knows no bounds when she takes the baby in her arms to caress it with an emotion of fulfilment. A phase of soft emotion where her discomfort takes a backseat to welcome the joy of a life. This is an epitome of love, the word which symbolizes the selfless feeling of giving irrespective of the trauma’s encounter, giving an ultimate definition of selfless love.

The wave of joy and contentment of a father who has welcomed the news of the conception of this entity in the womb of his partner feels to be on cloud nine, but which he never exposes out as easily as the other sex, due to the tough exterior. A gestational thought of his child in his mind throughout the process of pregnancy, wondering, wishing and praying for the welfare is the symbolism of father’ emotion which continues to grow lifelong for his children, unexhibited and unshown in a conventional form, but always ready to shoulder the responsibilities without a word of complaint. A strong tenderness which flourishes in his heart and soul Jesse is fledglings flying into great heights giving an immense pleasure of achievement and contentment is an symbol of accomplishment which in turn has its roots embedded in the meaning of love the silent prayers and hidden emotions are synonymous with the father’s journey along with the kid playing a strong foundation of attachment and accomplishments giving a rare definition of mature and dependable love.

The growing up stages becomes more wonderful with the interactions of our siblings, resembling the Tom and Jerry shows to a larger extent. The beautiful and harmless fights, the innocent sacrifices and protectiveness, taking the roles of a supporter and authority resulting into meaningless banter lays a concrete bonding which grows and matures with the passing days. This unique stretch of growing up teaches us the beauty of sharing and caring, culminating it in a responsible bond. The cute definition of affection can be derived from the way the kinfolk cannot stand each other but at the same time cannot stay without one another. This innocent longing and craving for each others company is the purest form of affection which is an absolute definition of consanguineous love- A phase of caring, sharing and bearing. They can fight with each other whole day, but cannot imagine somebody else saying a word against their siblings. The vulnerable possessiveness and guarding the security of the brother or sister stands as an example of the “Most loved and tolerated torment, without whom the life loses the magic touch of Living”.

In the due course of life , when we meet people, sometimes instantly a connections starts. It can be an infatuation lust, affection or attachment. The form which appeals to the eyes sometimes may not appeal to the heart, giving a form of infatuation, which doesn’t have the deeper roots to make a place for its long standing . The lust is a raw and rustic form emotion, which has its presence only for the carnal pressures are erotic avagations. This feeling is very superficial sensation, which never crosses the boundaries beyond the confines of the brain. All the sense organs are highly activated to satisfy their rousing needs without the interference of any soulful thoughts. There are lots of debates and delusions in people about infatuations and lust, which are totally two different entities, stemming from the liminesence and attraction. The infatuation takes its form from the appeal, whereas the lust originates from the desire. There is not even an ounce of love and affection in the these two forms, as the superficial feeling cannot produce the ripples of emotions in the deep confines of heart. Lust loses its sheen, the moment the desires are satisfied and infatuation fades the moment, another appealing factor captures our sight. But the true feeling of an emotional stirrup occurs only when the two people are attached on the soul level. It is very easy to be an eye Candy, but is very difficult to be Soul food. The Soul longs for an emotional bondage, beyond the urge of physical cravings and materialistic demands. Understanding each other on their actual level of reasoning and commitment, flourish the relations into a beautiful journey of accepting, accommodating and attaching each other’s perspectives, in a more meaningful way. The voyage of acceptance will produce an everlasting bondage of being humble and honest which is a pristine form of l emotional love . “Love is a rose”, ” petal a illusion” and Thorns a reality”. Every form of love has its own prerequisites to prove its credibility and intensity. The bond which can withstand that rough weathers of passing times, rebel against the atrocities been imposed by the society, defying the odds to gain a firm foothold, and blooming from the same place where it has one’s bled makes this unique relation, a meaning of true soulful love , which is the most important asset of a life. No doubt, life is an art of drawing without an eraser. But when the multitude of various colors of affection and contentment are flashed on the Canvas of heart, it produces a divine abstract of love, giving a meaning of long-lasting love.

The turning point of life comes when we are in the process of choosing a partner for our future ongoing journey of life who can be our navigator or distractor. People enter into the relationship with a lot of expectations, apprehension, and biased views. To a certain extent, in our pursuits, the people around us also color over thought process, by dumping and delivering their own unrealistic and outdated versions of expectations and wishes, making us more vulnerable and force us to ponder about the future consequences. when the thought of a person, whom we need to invite in our life, becomes a crucial battle for our mind and heart, creating a dilemma of choice. The mind starts thinking drastically, more in a practical outlook, where the heart starts beating for a software version of emotions. This stage of emotional turmoil leaves us at the crossroads of reality, where apart from our own aims and aspirations, the demands and expectations of the nearby also need to be accommodated in our pursuits. The culmination of marriage, between two strangers or the known sources, has to be divided into three important stages of Prenuptial, Nuptial and Postnatal phases, which are the most important periods for laying the concrete foundation for a lifelong commitment. During the prenuptial, the aura of infatuation will be in an elevated mode, as the beauty and the other physical attributes associated with the persons to be betrothed start putting us in an elated state, where the partner looks very appealing and all the time, we are engrossed in our thoughts of our would be partners. The anatomy and chemistry of the body take a centre stage. The intermediary stage of nuptial phase is a combination of infatuation and lust interwoven together, which has its own cascading effect on desires, dreams, and demands. The world looks very rosy, as our thought process is fully activated, and basks in the present moments of joy and happiness. This blissful feeling of “wanting and to be wanted” has its own magical effect which lingers on the minds for a much longer duration. This duration makes the partners highly appealable and attractive to each other, camouflaging the real persona of each other. But the real meaning of together coming in the post-nuptial phase, where the coloured glasses of honeymoon Phase are been replaced with the stark reality of the present world life. Just as the vehicle of life, doesn’t work on the wheels of feeling and emotions itself. the true realities of the partners which were veiled under the covers of physical attractions start uncovering and the real personality starts and intimacies, start tumbling out of the closets. The differences in their wavelength and lifestyles start teething out, making this stage highly vulnerable and fragile. Impending storms of day to day life problems also make the going tough. But the real beauty of this phase starts unfolding when a person who is truly committed to the partner and the partnership fights against all odds to nullify the volatile situation, accepting the imperfections, ignoring the flaws and respecting the different perspectives of one another. The meaning of true love begins to frame up from these days as, the two different people from two different backgrounds, with diversified views and thoughts when they come together to spend the major portion of the life together. This journey of togetherness in which each of them understanding one another, accepting the shortcomings, accommodating all the relations associated with them, developing and harnessing a positive attitude towards adversaries of life, being together through other thick and thin times, redefining each other completely with the outcomes of trials and tribulations. This feeling of being emerged as a winner from the battle of life is the truest form of a committed love.

Another exquisite form of relation which God has bestowed on the human beings is to choose our friends without anybody’s interference, is a choice of made consciously who actually defines us, showing who really are we to the society. It is very easy to bond and bind with the relations of blood, but this is the unique bondage that defies all the conventional rules and regulations of the society to prove its stability. A person is defined by the group of friends around him. An emotion which is filled with joy, pride, vanity, ambition, credibility and the integrity of the friendship which blossoms into an eternal bond of togetherness. This is a wonderful embodiment or Cocktail of feelings of commitment which believes the concept of “Distance never separates nor disturbance can neither break the strong bond of friendship. The Invisible strength of belief and power gives a strong meaning of dependability and stability of friendly love.

The ascending age and declining strength of the body propel us towards old age, longing for the company of a companion, who can understand their psychological and functional needs. A juncture where dependency of the partner is at the heightened stage. No amount of prosperity or riches can compensate the urge of togetherness. This is a retrospective face of spiritual emotional and psychological medley, which demands an higher level of maturity and patience. The vows of marriage taken “to be together till the death” place a very significant role in the process of growing towards ripeness. The stages of life spent together by, being with each other, combating all the problems and pressures, sailing towards eternal solace, is the pristine form of endearment giving an undisputed meaning of soulful love.

Trying to define love in its true form is very difficult as it is not a skill acquired during the lifetime, but it is a process developed with patience, nurtured, matured and maintained with each other at every phase of life, making it more accountable and credible. Love takes its roots from the deep psychological state of acceptance which has progressed into a powerful force, which can make or break a person. The true love defies all the worldly problem to emerge as a powerful medium, which can mould and mend the inner personality oozing with confidence, commitment, and conviction. But any mutation in the true form of affection will produce a maniac in the society, who can wreak the conventional foundations of the society by his brutal and thoughtless actions and reactions. Love is a promise, love is a commitment, once given never forgotten. It’s not hard to find someone who says they love you, but it’s really difficult to find the person who truly shows us the true meaning of love. Love is just a word until someone comes and gives it a beautiful meaning.

The definition of love is an unconditional commitment, to selflessly serve, truthfully communicate, fearlessly protect, gracefully forgive, and compassionately heal and enduringly remain in a relationship with each other. It’s about proving that, love is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted upon.