Ok my women and mamas, does anyone get “gym anxiety”?! ​Where you walk into the gym and you’re literally overwhelmed and a little unsure what to do, so you do the 1 or 2 things you know how to do (walk on the treadmill?) and then leave? Especially with the January rush coming up, here are a few tips to hopefully ease the overwhelm so you can feel at home in the gym and crush them goals!

Do an Inventory

Go into the gym space and just do a walk around of all the equipment. I know it sounds funny, but when I first get to a new gym (or returning after taking some time off…ahem), I literally walk up and down each aisle of equipment to familiarize myself with all the machines. This way I know where things are at, and even if I don’t know what some of the machines are, I can lock in on the ones I know I want to use in the future and maybe make a mental note of which ones I might want to learn what the heck it is. Just get yourself familiar with the lay of the land before you even start anything.

Bring a Guide

Go with someone you trust that knows what they’re doing and ask them to show you what they do. Learning from others is always a good idea and you can build a mental library of options to try as you create your own routine that works for you. 

Find the Right Support

Work with a trainer you feel comfortable with: often times gyms will try to sell you their personal training services…some may be good, some may not be your cup of tea, so try out whatever you feel comfortable with, but make sure you choose someone who understands your goals and that you feel like you click with. When you invest in a trainer, you are investing in someone who believes in you as a whole person and is going to be a supportive and encouraging guide for your health and well-being. Choose well!!

Start Simple

Don’t go in all crazy thinking you’re going to be training like a bodybuilder after 3 trips to the gym. Stick to a simple and doable routine that can get you consistently to the gym to establish a good routine. Consistency and setting realistic expectations are key!!

Here’s to a healthy, strong, and sweaty year with kick ass workouts!!

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  • Lola T. Small

    Women's Empowerment Coach | Best Selling Author

    Lola is a global empowerment coach, trainer, and author for girls and women. With over 20 years of combined experience in teacher training, curriculum design, fitness education, athletic event management, and empowerment coaching, Lola is passionate about supporting women to share their dreams and impact with the world. Certified in life coaching, health & wellness coaching, and personal training, she leads a powerhouse of women in business through FemCity, an international platform dedicated to helping women succeed in business and life. Through initiatives such as Room to Read, World Pulse, FemCity, and now Powerful Rising Women, Lola’s work spans from Canada to the US, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Lola is a best selling author and leads transformative events and retreats around the world. Her ultimate vision is a world filled with girls and women who are strong, confident, and empowering the world. Her books For My Girls, Fitness to Freedom, and Women Let's Rise are now available.