The coronavirus mercilessly killed the hope and happiness brimming amongst newlyweds and partners-to-be. Most new couples had been looking forward to an exciting vacation just when the virus hit us all. Consequently, not only canceling their months’ worth of effort of all the planning hustle bustle but also bringing with it a wave of depression and sadness. It set up an atmosphere where maintaining stability in both physical and emotional health became a struggle. And so, these times have been particularly demotivating for couples who were just starting with their new lives.

But well, marriage is the name of putting through the thick and thin together. It names the bond, which makes the world bearable. So, if it’s the COVID-19 and the pandemic that the world threw your way, it’s time to deal with it head-on together!

No Point Postponing

Instinctually, your natural response towards the pandemic would be to postpone your St. Lucia honeymoon trip (or whichever it is that you planned) to a later time of the year. Perhaps, when all this COVID-19 mess is over.

Well, it may have been an ideal approach if there was even a single thing definite about the existence and spread of coronavirus. Although research and surveys continue to prevail as people try to get as much data as possible to make the conditions stable, unfortunately, none of us can claim with surety about when it will all be over.

If you’re counting on the time when the rate of its spread starts to decrease, then we’d tell you it’s not the best approach either. And that’s because even if you succeed in getting hold of such a time and heading out to your trip, you will find yourself suddenly packing up if there’s another wave of COVID. So, it’s risky and a bad deal. Vacation mean to relax you, not to stress you.

So, there’s no point in postponing. Enjoy your time with your partner now. Both COVID and the headlines of tomorrows’ news are uncertain, so better make the most of today’s time!

5 Ways to Have a Magical Home Vacation

Instead of wasting away your excitement, we suggest you turn your home and your very city into a complete vacation destination. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Explore Local Restaurants

Did you know there are hundreds of exotic food in your vicinity, waiting for you to taste? Well, if you and your partner are food-passionate, then its exploration is an ideal vacation idea. Check out the eateries, restaurants, and food stations within your city to level up your taste buds. It will also allow both of you to learn about each other’s preferences. 

  • Chill at Home

The purpose of a trip is to enjoy with one another and get to know each other better. Does a trip to a foreign land helps achieve that purpose? Of course!

But is a trip to a foreign the only way of achieving that purpose? No! All comes down to you & your partner at the end. You can get to know each other better within your home too. Explore each others’ interest and take at life.

Watch your favorite or trending movies together, play board games, learn a couple of dance moves together, or team up to cook your favorite dish together. The possibilities are endless! You only have to be creative!

  • Go for a road trip instead!  

If adventure excites you and your partner, then an amazing way to wing the vacation is to go for a road trip. Select a popular outdoor destination in your city, pack some essentials, hop into the car, and enjoy the long drive! You can also plan to stop at specific eateries and entertainment spots along the way.

  • Treat yourself with a Fancy Hotel

Perhaps, the greatest way to get away from home during the pandemic is to book a fancy hotel for the weekend. Using this method, you cannot only spend some quality time together but protect yourself against the fatal Coronavirus. However, remember to follow the recommended safety protocol.

  • Go Camping!

For an even more thriller experience, you can camp with your partner. With pandemic, you have the opportunity to explore the hidden outdoor adventures in your locality and make the most out of it. Perhaps, you can camp on those beautiful, lush-greens hills or into the dense woods. The possibilities are limitless!