Love fills void

When love leaves wholeness, void is born

Void longs for love to return

Wholeness becomes lonely

Release the reason love left

Void exits, softly smiling

As love now fills voids once lonely existence

Wholeness restores

Love completes

C 2015 JL Keez

Life is an experience based upon love. We learn from an early age that love is the cornerstone of our existence. Where love is expressed in ways that nurture and nourish, life seems to take on this wonderful path filled with delights around every corner.

Where love becomes confused as to how it should be given, and received, oh! how life responds; it seems to spiral into some sort of struggle wishing to come up for air.

Then there are lives that flounder around searching for this thing called love. Without being role modeled, the definition is lost to words that do not come anywhere near to what it is. The disconnect between what love is and what love isn’t creates a divide within the wholeness of a person. The existing chasm is felt like a void; empty, lonely, wilting.

The antidote  – to ask those who appear to have love understood. To seek out those who have it sewn up and try their ideas on for size. Play with the notion, experiment without hurting others in the process of course. Open up discussion with those who also struggle. Give each other the time, the space, to grasp this thing called love. Empower yourself with knowledge; be prepared for change. Then, and only then, can one have the opportunity to experience the real value love brings to life.

Our bodies are vessels deserving to be filled with the purest of love, for wholeness dwells here. Should love be challenged, ripped from the body, the resulting void opens to wounds that cripple. Identifying the reasons for this development, turning the findings into lessons for enhancing one’s life, is the way to move forward. ‘Void’ gives rise to a whole new meaning of ‘love’; a whole new experience. Having played out its role, ‘void’ happily leaves as wholeness is restored.

The emptiness void delivers is a pain so withering. The exclusion of love from life sees the wholeness of the person retreat, desperate to understand. Although felt so deep, it does have purpose. Void is one of those emotions sent to inform there is something so very out of whack! Void holds the answers and willing steps in to give them to you. As much as you may wish to bury void in your pile of weekly rubbish, know that where ever you attempt to send void, you will not be free until you do the work of identifying the ‘why’. And believe me, void does not enjoy the role ‘he’ plays. ‘He’ gets no joy from the pain inflicted. But when the answers are heard, acknowledged, and acted upon, void is as happy as you to see ‘him’ return to the space from which ‘he’ came!

Love and void have one of those connections where they strangely support each other. Wholeness becomes an understood feeling when, in unison, they work beside each other.

To truly understand the power of love, void steps in … happy to share its purpose; even happier to leave!