Freedom in your business means having options. 

The option to scale, sell, or become the chairman removed from day-to-day operations.

But too often, we feel trapped by our business instead. 

The bigger it grows, the less time and freedom we have. 

The business can’t run without us. It grinds us down, physically and emotionally. 

Resentment sets in. We start to treat our business like an ATM instead of an asset.

We eat, drink, and Netflix to escape the frustration and overwhelm we marinate in all day. 

The solution?

Love your business, but treat it like an investment. 

It’s about Mindset + Strategy. Love + Logic.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re in a relationship with our business. 

Are we: Open or avoidant? Solution-focused or problem-focused? Confident or defensive?

We think that when our business works for us, then we’ll love it. 

We use willpower and grit to grow our company. We burn ourselves out. 

We have it backward.

Decide to love your business first. 

This fuels positive action, creating results that, in turn, make love easier.

Strategic adjustments take less effort. We treat our business as an investment. 

We gain clarity about our solutions and constrain our focus in order to scale. 

We create positive cash flow and recurring revenue. We get to know the numbers.

Our business runs without us. It becomes an asset. And now we have options.

Loving your business is the fastest way to freedom.