So my weekly prompt post shout out goes to my friend Beverly

We all know her as *Bee* in the small Devonshire village, life is quiet generally we are a small population of people and the passing traffic of tourists as they come go in the seasons , but we in the Devon villages live life at a slow pace we all breathe and take in the beauty of our majestic landscape .

Life is sweet and most of us live simply just enjoying our nature ,the oceon and our dogs ,its proved to be invaluable for us to live like that and luckily we haven’t been too heavily affected by the lockdown as we were able to enjoy the nature life has been pretty much the same with a few restrictions here an there.

Bee is a home caregiver to an elderly lady of 92 in the village covering the nightshifts is her general rota but during this time she has happily given all of her time and devotion to this lady as other carers felt unsure she covered all the various shifts pretty much without a break.

She is dedicated and kind this is her nature and she has really pulled it out of the bag to continue despite her own tiredness and routine of herself aswell as a bouncy attention needy dog !not only has she nailed it through the effort of keep going even though I’m tired her boyfriend of a few months broke an ankle and came to be a house guest unable to care for himself so she became carer/mother/girlfriend and housemate too,this meant extra cooking and washing and normal everyday things that may have been left otherwise.

Woman are awesome just incase you hadn’t realised ,she is a Maya Angelou woman phernominal woman a lady who has bought up children by herself looked after lodgers and wayward strangers offering shelter ,love and a home to many who may not have found such a kind one as comforting as hers ,this is the heart of good people who bless and heal and hold all in the beauty of an open heart and right attitude to not think only of the self but others and she does this daily.

So my dedication goes out to all the hearts that have never stopped beating for those they are serving in this moment ,the breathing in and out of themselves to help those fighting for their own ,for the goodness that has risen in all of us in this moment to say “I am here” whether it’s one person or a hundred.

Life cannot maintain itself as an island we only have the resemblance of life if we are an island all alone out there by ourselves and this time has been the light going on in all of our hearts to remember that without each other,without love,compassion,kindness and care we are all refugees of life and love .

Thankyou to all loving hearts lighting up the dark night for many

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