Love Yourself

It seems like everyone is talking about self-love these days. 

More than just a trend, the practice of self-love is a crucial first step in changing your entire life for the better. As you learn how to best love yourself, and to step into your embodied feminine energy, you will attract other people into your life who will love you in the way that you deserve.

Self-love entails more than just pedicures and haircuts, however. 

One of the truest signs of self-love is when you love yourself enough to walk away from things that are not good for you.

This includes relationships, too. 

It doesn’t matter how much you think you want that person. If their energy is not aligned with yours, if they are not giving you the love that you need, then it’s time to walk away. 

It can be a very difficult to do. That’s why today I want to talk about how to walk away from negative relationships that no longer serve you or your higher purpose. 

Top Three Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from a Man 

Every couple goes through challenges; even soulmates get into occasional disagreements. Just because you are madly, deeply in love, doesn’t mean that you will feel blissful and happy all the time. 

However, there are a few signs of emotionally unhealthy people that you need to watch out for.

When you see these red flags in a man, it will be difficult for your relationship to grow or progress in any kind of healthy way. 

1. Lack of Forgiveness 

Pay attention to how he interacts with other people in his life, not just you. Look at how he handles arguments or disagreements with those people.

When family, friends, or other people in his life do him wrong, is he able to forgive or move on? On the other hand, does he hold grudges and remain spiteful towards people who have wronged him?

Pay special attention to how he talks about ex-girlfriends. Does he speak about his previous relationships with respect and a sense of self-awareness about why the relationship ended, or does he constantly harp about the other person’s shortcomings and problems? 

If he is spiteful and unforgiving of others, he will behave exactly the same way with you. Even if he seems sweet to you now, eventually the “honeymoon” phase will wear off. 

Don’t allow yourself to be stuck with a spiteful and unforgiving person. Walk away from that man. 

2. Lack of Responsibility 

In some ways, this goes along with lack of forgiveness. Whenever he is involved in disagreements or arguments, is he able to take responsibility for the role that he might have played in the problem? 

Whether it’s a problem at work, with family, or with an ex-girlfriend, there are always two (or more) sides to any story. Is he able to see both sides of the story, or does he always place the blame on others? 

Think about his responsibilities in other areas of life too. Does he take his job seriously? Does he take care of his belongings? 

If his life seems out of order, it shows that he is not taking responsibility for keeping his life in order. 

When you first fall in love, this kind of character trait might seem “cute” or “eccentric.” However, eventually you are going to want to be with someone with more stability and emotional maturity.

If this irresponsibility is not already showing up in your relationship, it’s only a matter of time before it pops up. You will find yourself taking more and more responsibility for all elements of the relationship, and that’s not a labor of love, it’s just exhausting. 

3. He Doesn’t Truly Care for You 

There couldn’t be a bigger red flag than this! 

If he is not supportive of your professional endeavors, if he is emotionally unavailable or doesn’t care about your problems, walk away.

If he does not express interest in getting to truly know you, and to hear about your life, your dreams, and aspirations, walk away.

It’s true that different people may express their love differently. However, if he is not openly communicating with you about how the two of you can best love each other, then it is a sign then he doesn’t truly care for you. It’s a sign that it’s time to walk away. 

How to Walk Away from a Relationship That is No Longer Healthy

Perhaps you recognize the red flags in your relationship, but you feel like you’ve already fallen in love with the man. It can be tough to ask yourself, how to walk away from someone you love?

The truth is, it’s never easy to give up on someone after you’ve invested time and energy towards loving them. However, it’s just as important to love yourself, and sometimes that means walking away from the situations that no longer serve you. 

If you remind yourself of the following things, it will make it easier to leave the negative relationship. 

Remind Yourself of Your Standards: Of course, there is no one out there who is “perfect”. However, there is someone that is perfect for you, and you deserve to be with someone who meets your standards.

Remind Yourself That Time Will Heal the Wound. Breaking up will hurt now, but as you spend more time apart from each other, you will heal. Leaving an unhealthy relationship will actually make you happier in the long run. 

Remind Yourself of All the Positive Aspects of Being Single. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it might seem sad and scary to think about being single again. Just remember that being single is better than being with the wrong person. Spending time alone will give you a chance to love yourself, to care for yourself, and to continue growing into the type of woman who attracts the relationship of her dreams.

Love Yourself, Walk Away

Once you learn how to walk away from negative relationships, and other unhealthy things in your life, you come one step closer to becoming a woman who is ready to attract the man of her dreams.

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  • Giordana Toccaceli

    International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert

    Giordana Toccaceli is an International Dating, Relationship and Intimacy Expert having worked with thousands of women and men around the world to become their most attractive and magnetic selves and attract incredible partners into their lives in record time. Giordana has worked with a wide range of clients from Top CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, professional athletes, actors, models and every day men and women. She is a regular contributor to Univision TV's morning show "Despierta Austin" and the Founder of Woman's Allure and the Co-Founder of Embody Love Project.