A few years ago, I was picking up my daughter from school, when something extraordinary happened. She was cheerfully singing, “I’m so happy, happy, happy.” When I asked why she said: “I am happy for no reason, dad.” So it validated my belief that happiness is not a state of mind, it’s a state of being! No one or nothing has the power to make you happy, or unhappy. I am convinced that what most people call happiness is merely a sense of fulfillment, excitement, or thrill. Just an ego-trip, so to speak.

Ego is not love, although it likes to pose as love, it’s not. That brings me to the following understanding; if you love yourself, you shouldn’t be abusing your body.

Fear could be the reason, but yet again, if you are in fear you are not in a love state of being and if you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else, right?

Next time you stumble into this rather confusing state, you might consider that perhaps ego is the actual cause of your dilemma. Take a step back by listening to your thoughts, feelings and emotions. These emotions are physical manifestations of your feelings and feelings result from your thinking process, all conspiring to either make you feel either good, or bad.

Now say you are in the mood for pizza and you’re thinking about ordering this rather delicious dish, your brain fires neurotransmitter that will trigger all kinds of memories attached to that thought. If you order a pizza, you’ll feel “artificially happy” but if you order a salad, your inner computer (your brain) will automatically reject the idea and make you feel anxious and frustrated. That’s because you’ve been programmed to have pizza and not salad.

Getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings and emotions will allow for greater awareness of what you truly need and will channel that anxiety or frustration. You’ll connect to a more loving environment that would therefore help you make better choices. And If you are not happy with what you’ll discover, switch to a love mode, where the ability to take care of yourself is at the essence of your being.

Next time you feel the desire to buy that bag of chips or order that burger, you must identify if your impulse stems from on an act of self-love or a self-destructive pattern triggered by negative emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration.

Love yourself to wellness or fear yourself to illness; it’s your choice. A choice you make every day, multiple times.

Do these 3 things every day without fail: 

1- Be grateful for who you are and for what you have.

2- Do something that makes you smile.

3- Do something that makes others smile. 

Here is an affirmation: “I vow to let no one, or nothing, including my thoughts, control my natural state of being.”

Watch your ego say: “Oh well, I’ll do it next time!”