The only substantial thing one needs right now is Loving Oneself.

We humans are wandering around continents looking outside for the love that resides within us.

Have a deeper look inside you and your heart would say -Love me Darling! For I am all that you have got to survive in this nasty world.

How to achieve this bonding with oneself? Three simple tricks would do wonders.

1. Stay Connected.

We need to be connected to ourselves, our thoughts,brain and the heart beats. Now how is one supposed to achieve that ,is the question here. And mark me, its not a cumbersome task.

Follow your terrain of thoughts, what is it that keeps nagging you. Appreciate the thoughts that are at work consciously and subconsciously. Know what make you draw long breaths whether which may be an outcome of a feeling of awe or fear. Understand your own body language.

2. Keep Mind & Heart Rejuvenated 

The fact that your body gets tired with the day’s work is a truth and an equally raw fact is your heart & brain does as well.

Give them a peace of mind! Let it relax and perceive the day’s work. How? Meditate is a quick solution. Even a 10 minutes of silence sitting thoughtless can help you significantly. It will enrich your mindfulness , keeps you alert and adds to your efficient working.

3. Appreciate Yourself

Forget it if somebody does or not you need to keep motivating yourself and appreciating yourself for the work you do. This not only keeps you cheerful throughout but strives you to deliver your best in the work front and home.

Believe in yourself! Let yourself know that you deserve the best, for more than one’s physical home its brain,heart & body that one survives in!

So lets pledge to love oneself first  before imparting this treasure to others.