Love is the solution; You are beautiful and perfect, inside and out.

However, there may be certain ‘demons’ haunting you right now that prevent you from acting like the person you know you are. You might find yourself frustrated, lonely, angry, or stressed. You may feel sad or fearful from time to time… or like you’re not doing a great job, in spite of trying your best.

This is your “mind” playing tricks on you.

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You might be wondering where the ‘mind’ is located… we know about our brains and bodies, but where exactly is our mind? I’ll argue our ‘minds’ are located in our guts.

  • My gut says…
  • I’ve got butterflies in my stomach…
  • I’ve got a gut feeling…
  • My stomach is in knots just thinking about this…
  • Follow your gut…

So, we already know our guts communicate with us. We tend to ignore them and use our ‘logical’ brains to make decisions and guide us, instead. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: listen to your intuition, no matter how quiet.

Turn up the volume over time through practice using your intuition.

Like other animals, we can also look at food, smell it, and touch it to determine if it’s good for us. We can sense if there’s evil around us while walking down a dark alley. We know if the career we are in is fulfilling and helping us love ourselves… or simply solving a financial challenge for the time being. We know there are certain people with whom we spend our time that make us feel great when we walk in the room, engage in conversation, or share quiet moments; we also spend time with the opposite kind of person, who barely appreciates us, tends to put us down, and doesn’t see our natural born perfection.

Get rid of toxicity from your life, follow your gut, and shift your ‘life lens’ to interpret your environment as a journey, experience, and adventure. You’re in charge, and your reality can be anything you believe it to be.

The first step is conscientiousness. The second step is intention. The third step is voluntarily choosing your reality and integrating what you believe it should be into your everyday life, immediately and routinely. Begin today.

I’m so grateful for you,


Originally published at on December 16, 2016.

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