A woman is meant to be a guiding light for man’s journey on Earth. When he is beside her, one hopes to experience a level of tenderness with her very presence. A warming glow, is held within her. From her very touch alone, man is comforted. His Soul is elevated within a particular touch. Most importantly, she has the power to tame words; re-structuring them and re-creating them in such a way, where they heal the mind and quiet the Soul. A woman, who uses her words wisely, projects them as a form of empowerment. Her words are part of a tenderness, where he feels his troubles melt, away. Every day is a form of elevation. Even when his day has gone wrong, he is permitted to re-generate himself once he had been restored. Whatever pains of the day have occurred, they are immediately washed away. After all, home is where love should be blossoming, even more. Home is a place and spatial decor, where a loving environment should be a top priority. A relationship is the same thing. Within a loving companionship, words are used as moments of healing. They are like honeysuckle whispers. Such pleasantries have the power to heal the Spirit of sound. It cleanses the auditory sensory. That too, is healing!

Needing a woman, whose authentic words carries one into a higher plane-whose words bring gentle whispers. Words should not causthereae a person to shed tears, unless they are tears of joy. That’s a reality. If love is causing you to cry, if love is causing you pain, by all means question if it is truly, love! And, if it is causing one pain, then should a person, stay? Well, the answer is very simple. No. A person should or stay. In fact, for the sake of one’s emotional health, and well-being, there should be an quick exit! Yes, it should be as swiftly, as possible. No hesitations, as it causes delay in one’s mental exit.

If a woman is consistently causing a man to cry, then she is toxic for his psyche. There are no questions about that. Remember, feminine energy is meant for healing. If the healing is not there, then question if one’s femininity is, in tact. Question if there is balance, within her feminine Being. Once a man has experienced feminine toxicity, he desires to experience holistic energy. So, either he stays, or he leaves. That’s the reality. Should he leave, a healing is necessary. Once, a healing takes place, then the attraction, begins. This time, one will go to someone (and something) much better. Furthermore, such a person will come to fulfill one’s needs-emotionally, mentally, physically.

So, we have the song, “She Don’t Make Me Cry.” It’s a clear cut explanation for why he has left. It is quite simple. He is human, and he deserves to be loved. If she causes him to cry, it’s best he goes to a woman, who doesn’t make him, cry! Enough said. Well, now she has left. And, she is left only to reflect, and wish that if she “made him cry,” that they were, tears of joy!

David Rogers