Sunlight Plants For A Green-Lover’s Home

When asked several groups of people about their hobby, most of them answered gardening. Our next question was how many plants they have grown in their backyards or kitchen gardens. To this, they replied, “Unfortunately, due to a high rise building a lofty hobby has just remained a dream”. After scrupulous and thorough considerations, we have come up with such magical plants that will resolve all the sunlight deficiency problems and hence growing at the darkest corner.

While we are striving towards modernization, our homes have increased their height, covered with other high buildings and directed towards the north that has restricted gardening even in a luxurious home. However, being at the epitome of gratefulness, nature itself has unfurled such miraculous plants that can survive in such homes. These plants require low sunlight and hence makes them viable to grow indoor.

Therefore, pull your socks, hold your trowel and get started with these indoor plants to give your home a sophisticated green interior.


You can choose from the 50 species of Dracaena to embellish your home. The plant prohibits direct sunlight exposure and requires occasional watering to grow well. Due to its wonderful health benefit constituents, the plant is the most suitable for skimming bad vibes from the house.


The plant is for someone who is looking for bright yellowish red petals. Bring this plant home for adding grace and colours to your interiors. It not only embellish home designs but also purifies stale air.

Snake Plant

Vernacularly, known as mother-in-law’s tongue, snake plant is the best for such people who are driving towards embellishing the house with fine and symmetric texture. The plant is known for its caliber of tolerating the darkness for months.


The best thing about this plant is that it comes into both forms vine and shrub. It is among those ornamental plants that can be grown in darkness vicinity places. Adding this plant into the home interior, you ensure skin and other health benefits.

Prayer Plant

The plant is habitual to cooler areas and can be grown within less water and sunlight. It is best for those people who are often out of the station and keep their homes locked for days. However, it will grow more fledged in the moderate sunlight.

Sworn Fern

Bring this green friend home to remove all the stress and anxiety from your body and mind. However, many prefer to buy CBD oil online for infusing spiritual health in daily life but keeping this plant is more convenient than buying oil from store weekly.


This plant is very suitable for such homes which lacks enough space for large plants. The small shape of Peperomia requires moist soil and less water. The plant has wide and round leaves which give a sophisticated edge to the home.

Money Plant

The plant can commonly be seen in hospitals, schools, homes, and companies due to its minimalist nature. The creep asks for very low sunlight and can be grown in any darkest corner of the house.

Japanese Sedge Plant

Its sleek green leaves attract the homeowner to bring this plant into the interior. This shade-loving ornamental grass grows up to 0.2 m and bears brown flower spikes on longer stems. Therefore, if you are looking for a plant that requires less space and care options for this without looking back.

Conclusion: In the epoch of less space and time, these plants actually act like magic. It is not necessary that you only add these plants because of their evergreen beauty. Bring them home for adding the essence of nature and its beauty.