The foray of private flyers like Victor, PrivateFly, and JetSmarter has completely changed the face of commercial aviation. Luxury flights by these private jet providers are reasonably priced. Maybe soon the common man will be able to afford such glam. It tentatively started with PrivateFly, a simple service to provide brokered private jet services, founded in 2008.

Victor also followed suit with this idea, but the one that stands out in the band is JetSmarter. Some say it’s a new iteration of its kind as the Fort Lauderdale-based company has improved the user experience and embellished its services. All of these companies offer smartphone apps where they list out types of aircraft that are available, with an estimated price.

Services range from booking an entire flight to reserving a helicopter so traffic can be avoided. With most of the companies, flyers can order an entire plane where seats can be listed to be shared with anyone the booker chooses.

Let’s take JetSmarter for example. There’s a selection called PrivateCharter, that gives you flight flexibility. In SharedCharter, you simply choose where you want to go and when your flight is supposed to take off. JetShuttle lets other members join a scheduled route, which needs to be booked two months in advance. Apart from all these flight options, a 24X7 concierge can also be opted to make reservations in hotels and restaurants.

These jet providers clearly point to the global shift in technology and revolutionary ideas. Mobile phones were once only available to the rich, but within a few years, everyone had a cell to contact family and friends on the go. Similarly, it won’t be long before everyone owns a personal jet. It’s quite possible that the aircraft also become smaller.

Airways will triumph over roadways. Maybe the future is here. The animated 1962 sitcom “The Jetsons” gives a close representation what we might see in the next 50 years, minus talking dogs.

Private jet services save flyers from the airport hassles. Security screening and long queues will slowly fade away, as private jet services become more common. Does it mean the airport culture will vanish?

Dissecting this theory, we found out that airports vanishing due to lack of Jumbo Jets in action won’t happen. Instead, there will surely be an array of privately-owned hangars, managed by the airport authorities. Recently, the last Boeing 747 to fly touched down in Detroit, and ended an era of mammoth commercial planes.

With private jets, if you have the coin, you call the shots. The wealthy are enjoying this luxury in the most creative ways. Christmas is here, and a couple had their jet decorated as a sleigh pulled by reindeers. They wanted the children to believe that they were going to meet Santa. Another family requested the pilot to dress up Santa.

You’re looking at the slow demise of regular
flights. Frequent flyer miles may live on as offers on private jet bookings. A
lot of people want the commercial aviation companies to die for good.
Incidences like the United Airlines roughing up and dragging off a passenger
sparked such sentiments. Clearly, people would rather prefer a private jet,
sans broker fee that JetSmarter brandishes, rather than puking blood.