We all know how many audio, image, and video formats exist today. Some of them are more common, while others are quite rare. In any case, different devices may support different files’ formats, which can cause specific issues. However, there is a universal solution to this matter – you always have a possibility to adjust the format of your files to meet your needs.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy if you have never done this before. One of the key issues you may face here is that you have different conversion opportunities depending on the device and OS you are using.

In this article, we are going to talk about the ways of converting the formats of your files on Mac. Although there are plenty of websites and apps that could help you out, it is hard not to get lost among thousands of options. How to choose the best tool for conversion? You have quite many options here:

  • Conversion apps – if you open the App Store, you may find many apps designed to convert various media files. Some apps are available for free, and for some, you will have to pay. This is an excellent choice for pocket devices, as you can convert files on the go.
  • Offline – if you need to convert files quite often, you may want to get a tool that works offline. Usually, you will need to download and install such software to your computer. It should work for many purposes, but often such tools are quite expensive.
  • Online – finally, you can use online services to convert files faster and with minimum effort. The best thing about these tools is that most of them come free of charge and allow you to convert all kinds of media files in one place.

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It is up to you, which tool to choose. However, if you are here to find the most effortless and quick way to convert files on your Mac, we have a few tips for you! In this article, we are going to share a simple guide with you!

Easy Six-Step Guide

Our quick guide is exactly what you need if you seek a simple and free way to convert your audio and video files. Our guide focuses on the online method. These simple steps will tell you how to convert media files with the help of a free website:

  1. Launch the web browser and paste maxconverter.net in the Address Bar.
  2. On the site, you will see a range of available converting tools. Choose the converter that suits your need among Image, Audio, and Video tools.
  3. Find the file you wish to convert and drag it into the special box for upload. Also, you can click browse and select the needed file from your computer.
  4. Pick the desired format and start the process by clicking the Conversion button.
  5. The tool will start converting your file. At this point, you need to sit back and wait until the process ends. Meanwhile, you can monitor the progress and track how much is left until the tool will finish the conversion.
  6. When the conversion is over, download the new file.

This way, in only six simple steps you can get a file in the needed format. This process won’t require too much effort or time from you. However, bear in mind that the time required for converting your file may differ depending on how good your Internet connection is.