Making a difference and changing the world doesn’t have to be hard. Yet sometimes we find ourselves stuck, overwhelmed, and working tirelessly to accomplish our goals.

We create systems, spreadsheets, and how to’s — yet we still find ourselves out of love with our dream and simply put: in a state of defeat.

Does this sound like you at all? Don’t worry if it does, you are not alone.

As we become goal diggers and dream chasers sometimes the journey can get over-whelming especially when going at it alone. The key is to remember your purpose, to stay focused on the intent of your work. It becomes easier and easier to focus on the intent of your work if you work on your personal development and mindset.

When your mindset is in the right place, everything begins to take shape. When you’ve done the work that supports you as the unique individual with a special gift, you prepare yourself to withstand anything. A strong positive mindset will help you have tenacity to continue to build upon your dreams even under the most trying of times. You learn that failing forward is a gift and nothing to be afraid of as it ‘s growing you.

You see, we carry with us stories of our childhood that we tend to carry out into adulthood whether we are aware or not. If you were a child who thought perfection was a reward – something to obtain. You probably grew up into an adult expecting the same things of yourself and those around you. I know I did. But the more I stepped into the world of “adult-ing”, running my own businesses and more, the more I realized the perfection was in the imperfection. Doing personal development over the course of the years providing me with a greater since of grace, understanding, and dedication to push through no matter what. Sure things didn’t go as planned according to my calendar, sure others have and will fail me and I would also fail myself. The key here is to keep going. To push through it anyway., there is a great journey in finding the beauty in the imperfection.

In the past, I found myself in the habit of pushing things under the rug. Not facing the issues head on as if they would fix themselves but such is not the case. If there is an issue you are facing- confront it. Assess it, measure it, put your plan of action together, and trust your creator to guide you through. Take the inspired action to truly triumph in your failure. It’s in moments such as these when the imperfection actually shows it self perfect in its own way as you learn, grow and develop from it.

Remind yourself in those tough times that each set back is another chance to reevaluate focus and overcome. It’s a chance to remind yourself just how important your dream is, it’s the genetic makeup of how a dream turns into a goal, then into an intention and then into your reality where you living your best life Out loud.

Remind yourself that you are confident.

Declare that you are strong

You are brave

You are fun

You are perfectly imperfect

You are great

You are whole

You are a miracle

You are unique

You are brilliant

You are accomplished

Keep declaring all these things and more until you believe it. Keep declaring these things so that when trials come, it won’t shake you as it once did. . You’ll learn how to dust it off, how to grow from it and bounce back even stronger.

You will learn that your dream is worth – that you are worth it.

So go after that dream. Anyone who has a dream has had those moments where they wanted to give up. However, the reason you see them now- living out there dreams is because they didn’t give up.

Be committed, Go the gusto and show yourself just how awesome you are!

You are made for this.