Seeing and noticing do not necessarily go together. Most men do see that skincare products and care regimens are complicated and time-consuming. Yet only one enterprising pair of eyes spotted a business opportunity amongst the mind-boggling array of men’s skincare products. Jeremey Gardner, a fast-living cryptocurrency entrepreneur, discovered the market niche opportunity while seeking to cure the skin imperfections he has had since childhood. He may have been looking for a solution to his problems but found an elegant way out for most men. MadeMan, his men’s skincare company, offers modern men a shortcut to looking and feeling good. 

“Men,” Gardner claims, “want to look good, that’s why they invest in cars, clothes, and jewelry—it’s part of why they go to the gym…but 65% of a first impression is your face, and that’s an investment most men are not making.” MadeMan makes skincare easy and affordable.

The idea to create a concise and elegant solution to meet men’s skincare needs was tested throughout months of research, consultations, and brainstorming with leading chemists and dermatologists. A variety of products and complicated routines were tried with the help of Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a renowned, Harvard-trained skin expert. The result was the shortest product line in the history of skincare. MadeMan takes all the components of a proactive skincare regimen and packs them into just two products: the Resetter—a shave gel and facial cleanser, and the Refresher—an all-in-one moisturizer that provides men with everything they need to ensure a high-quality complexion for the rest of their lives. The two-step Re(Set) Collection simplifies life for busy men, as the products are available by subscription that arrives every two months right to their door.

 MadeMan products, as Gardner puts it, “target men who are 25-40 years old, who have office jobs, go out in the evenings—they’re dating, and they need to put their best face forward every day. They are invested in themselves, but they probably don’t take care of their skin because it’s too complicated.” By reducing the skincare regimen to just two steps and delivering the products straight to the doors, there’s is no excuse not to invest in oneself. This unique product structure gives every man the chance to become a “Made Man.”

At less than two minutes a day and two dollars a month men can become ‘better versions of themselves.’ Given Jeremy’s propensity for coming up with disrupting business ideas, we encourage you to stay updated on MadeMan’s latest news by following the company on Twitter and Instagram.