We all have the inner voice that is constantly distracting us and making us second guess ourselves. The voice that tells us we are not enough, makes us overanalyse our interactions with others and even makes you change your clothes or fill and un fill that online shopping basket over and over. This voice is particularly loud for those who have not mastered the art of being in the moment and learned to discern truth and facts from mere insecurities and ego. This can be done through meditation, hobbies, self care and even just remembering to breath.

Life is beautiful 

When you start to work towards understanding that you inner voice is simply commentary from you darkest parts whose volume can be shut off things begin to change. you now slowly begin to realise that you are in control and your life is your own. You suddenly hear birds sing, the rain drops patter at your window and distant noises of traffic. You pay attention to your childs firsts with awe and excitement. Those first steps, giggles and sass begin to fascinate you. If you are a plant or dog parent you can’t get enough. You notice your dogs love for a puddle of water during walks and watch him drink some of the water while he muddies his paws without a care in the world. If you are a plant parent, you notice your plants first bloom, you are in awe at germination and simply can’t get over how many variations of succulents exist let alone how many ways you can pot them! 

Your life is your own, enjoy it

You also begin to realise that you are in control. To get extremely corny, this ship is yours, you are the captain and you have the will and strength to steer it in any direction your heart pleases. If you get caught in a storm, which will inevitably happen, it will be challenging to get through but because the captain knows best, you will soon find a way to remain stable during the storm till calm follows. All the dreams you have and all the your random interests that others simply do not understand are uniquely yours and no one is stopping you from enjoying them. There is only one version of you and unless science figures out a way to clone you, you have one life to live. Live your one life to the full. You do not have to sky dive or become the richest human alive, simply enjoy and make the most out of being you and being in your skin. 

Everyone is going through something

I recently started reading a recommended “books to read before you die” classic. The character whose life and experience we are reading through is very very angry. He often negatively goes on about everyone else. This got me thinking about how far from unique my inner voice and insecurities are because everyone is going through their own internal struggle at the same time I am. With that you begin to realise that perhaps its time to get over it and accept and move on. To truly live a fulfilling life, stop hurting yourself by constantly going over moments that have passed and worrying about peoples reactions you cannot control. You are not a time traveller nor can you control the reactions of others. back to the ship analogy, the captain can only control their own ship. You may not be able to control others or how they make you feel but you can control how you react. 

love yourself 

Loving others begins with loving yourself. Indulge in the the things you love within budget and reason. Do you love baths and nice lotions, comic books or stationary? Treat yourself because you matter to you and you love you. take care of yourself, your body is a temple and all that. Eat right, sleep right, love right. 

In conclusion, when that little voice tries to convince you that you are not enough, stand firm and remind that little insecure voice whose boss. Remind that little voice that it is lucky you heard it this time but you will no longer tolerate its disturbances because you have things to do and places to be. Remind that little voice that you are the captain of this ship and those that cause trouble on the ship will be thrown off but because this captain does not condone violence, trouble makers will be dropped off at the next harbour. Live your life to the full. You only have one, you might as well enjoy every moment of it!