Are you ready to take control of your life and shape your experiences?

You are the only one with the power and the only one to change your life.

Dreams that never get fulfilled signify that we are stalled. If you don’t have a plan, it will not happen.

People often talk about how we fool ourselves that we will fulfill our dreams without taking any steps forward.

We spend so much time avoiding facing the truth, we immerse ourselves in wishing without taking action.

If you don’t take any action, it is dreaming.

Want to share a story with you.

There was a wise old man who once shared that he knew this younger man who had deep faith in a higher being who he referred to as god. Defining your higher being is for you and only you. He would often tell his friends that his life would work out despite all the challenge and chaos surrounding his existence. He was adamant that the higher being would take care of him. One day a massive storm resulted in serious damage and flooding in a town where this man lived. Most people in the community packed their things, made sure that their loved ones were safe by fleeing the area and leaving for safety. This man decided that he was going to stay put, believing that the higher being would take care of him. The water began pelting down on windows and slowly started to seep from the under the door.

At the time, a rescue fire truck was patrolling the area and approaching house by house. They advised the man it was time to leave. He was adamant that he was going to stay as his higher being would take care of him.

As the day progressed, the torrential rains kicked in and water was rising all around the house. The trickle became a flowing river through the house as waters began to rise. A life guard boat came past, encouraging the man to get in the boat. His response remained the same. “No, a higher being would take care of me.”

Night came around, and the weather intensified. Houses all around were flooding. As the man sat on the roof top of his house, grasping on to the highest point of the chimney, a helicopter spotted the man clinging on for dear life. They lowered the ladder, demanding he grabs hold. “No, yelled the man, a higher being will take care of me.”

The man drowned.

As he entered the other side fuming and outraged that he had not been taken care of despite his immense faith and commitment to a higher being. He proclaimed that he had committed to his faith, handed over his life to the higher source and yet when in need, he felt betrayed as he was not there when he needed him the most.

The higher being responded — what do you mean? I sent you a fire truck, l sent you a life guard boat and a helicopter. What more did you want?

Why do l share?

How can a higher being, whatever that is for you, help us if we won’t help ourselves?

Connect with your higher being, however not to the exclusion of taking action or the next step. If you are committed to your life’s purpose, or wanting to change something in life, then you need a plan of action. Select one goal, break it down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily plan.

Ask yourself, what action can l take to move me towards my goal?


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Originally published at on October 8, 2016.

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