It’s easier to attract what you need—and want—to yourself than you may think.

The knowledge of how to do so resides within you. It’s ‘embedded’ inside of you in a similar way that micro circuits are embedded inside a chip, or that a duck comes with insulating feathers so that it can both swim, keep dry, and maintain its body heat. The knowledge that I refer to is pre-existent and was formed ex nihlo, out of nothing.

When you were a child, you knew how to do this, how to attract things to yourself, instinctively, automatically—magnetically. No one needed to explain this to you. Things came more easily than they do now because you didn’t overthink, overanalyze or try to understand. You were a little genius, in this sense.

When you were a child, your feelings were, as the French say, à portée de main. Everything was readily available. You were able to, in an instinctual, non-intellectual manner, easily know what or whom you were attracted to. Magnetic attraction.

The world was new, a place of discovery. The world was good. People were good.  Any thoughts of danger were far from your mind. Everything you saw was beautiful, bright and shiny! Colors were vibrant, moments were exciting, and there was so much to learn. You didn’t feel the need to take possession of things because you knew, in an ‘embedded’ kind of way, that the world and its appurtenances belonged to … everybody.

You and the world were one.

As you grew, things started to change—at least in your mind, your perception—as the world was seemingly no longer one with you, and your sense of a separate identity began to form. You began to understand that you were no longer in that place from which you came, your place of origin and place of return. Before that, though, during the inception stage of your life, the beginning if you will, everything flowed and you knew that the universe (God) provided for all your needs, always.

There was never a doubt in your mind that it could be otherwise. You were born, and made, to trust this process.

But then, bit by bit, this understanding of Beauty and Unity started to fade away, slowly slip away, and became lost. Or so it seemed. It was not really lost. It is still there, an intrinsic part of your consciousness that, by reading this piece, you’ll be able to retrieve.

So how can I get this back? you may be thinking. ‘I can never see the world this way again. There are too many inequities and problems. The word is a mess and you expect me to believe you?

The goodness, clarity, focus, abundance, beauty, unity and harmony are still there. The world—and its appurtenances and embedded gifts—hasn’t changed. Your ability to perceive it as such is what changed. Your newfound ability to rationalize, your ego, desire to justify, contrariness and fears—all resulting from disappointments, hurts, false thinking (others’ and yours)—caused you to set boundaries that you falsely believed would protect you. In so doing, you placed artificial barriers between this world of super abundance, beauty, love, unity and harmony—and yourself. It is you alone who prevents yourself from magnetically attracting what you need and want.

In order to reverse the situation and be able to, once again, magnetically attract that which you need and want, you need to break the artificial barriers that you set up. You need to tear them down.

Although it took many years for you to build them, the good news is that you can tear them down immediately.

Let’s Take it to the Next Level,