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Human being maintains relationships in the professional and personal world. How many of you have ever had or are currently experiencing an altercation with anyone you know?

The essential point to explore isn’t to find out who’s at fault, but to explore the understanding of each person. Sometimes we understand each other, but we don’t have the words that correspond to those of the person in front of us or we don’t understand each other since there’s a lack of communication.

You must create the request

When I was working in the field of social education, I had to accompany people to achieve their goals. I had to create and maintain a relationship.

The person in front of me hasn’t asked me anything, so I question her/him. Ask them closed questions. Then ask them open-ended questions. You’ll notice that the situation is evolving.

You need to listen to the person

Let the person speak first. By doing this, you bring her/him a sense of comfort. On the other hand, by listening to it, it allows you to orient yourself towards another speech that would have been different if you had spoken first – emotions influence our thoughts.

You need to understand the person by identifying their needs

We can’t not communicate. It’s important to remember it. The person in front of you has something to show you, to share you, etc. But in this situation, she/he may be vulnerable, doesn’t dare to speak out or feels blocked. Be available and patient in order to maintain a good relationship.