It has been more than a year that the world is still fighting a grim battle against the Covid19 pandemic, and the virus seems to dodge our efforts to beat it through mass vaccination of the population. However, now it is clear that the fight will go on for some more time as new mutations of the coronavirus pose new threats. Therefore, we must have a relook at the strategies that can help to keep us healthy and help maintain our wellness and wellbeing, feels Brian C Jensen.

Seeing the virus reappearing in new forms has multiplied our worries about our health, and the gloomy economic future has aggravated our mental stress. The uncertainty about how life will unfold and when the fight will be over makes people feel more distressed. Inability to cope with the increasing stress poses more danger to our health even if we can protect ourselves from the novel coronavirus.

To stay healthy with the support of a robust immune system, practice some of the techniques listed below.

Personal hygiene is paramount

By now, we all know how to take care of ourselves by ensuring proper hygiene to prevent infections from spreading. Frequent washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using a sanitizer when you are out of home, sanitizing the open surfaces at home, and wearing a mask outdoor are some practices that should become a part of personal hygiene.  The better you protect yourself, the more protection you offer to others by preventing the spread of infection. Keep your hands away from your face or touch the face only after cleaning your hands and maintain the norms of physical distancing when venturing outside. Avoid crowded and closed spaces as the chances of contracting infection are high.

Maintain fixed working hours

The enormous flexibility of time when working from home often leads to overworking as the tasks might keep stretching as there is no hurry to rush back home after office. While there is no harm to work for long hours on some days, but if it becomes a norm, then it can result in burnout due to excessive mental stress and make you sick. Moreover, it will be counter-productive and make your boss unhappy as you fail to deliver and cause more problems for you. So instead, follow some fixed working hours to have some free time to spend with family or be alone when you spend some happy moments that relieve you of the tiredness and stress developed during the day.

Stay engaged in other activities

Following a fixed pattern of life that revolves around work and sleep only leads to boredom and increases stress.  To avoid the distress, engage in some other activities between or after work to provide enough mental relief and rejuvenate the mind. Pursue some hobbies that help to recharge your batteries and lift the spirit. You will start enjoying the activities which renew your interest in life and make living more enjoyable and meaningful. 

Do some craftwork or gardening, listen to music, paint a picture or cook some special dishes that make you feel more satisfied.