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The importance of exercise and daily activity can never be underestimated, especially in this COVID-19 hit world. Since most of us are stuck at home, working from our bedrooms, it has become even more challenging to find the time and the place to exercise. Moreover, COVID-19 has also adversely affected our eating schedules and diet plans. According to Michael Giannulis, the low number of trips to the grocery stores has resulted in people piling up their systems with ultra-processed, high-calorie snacks, compounding the problem even further.

Exercise regularly to maintain shape and health – Mike Giannulis

Regular exercise is vital for everyone, even under normal circumstances. However, it is especially crucial during the pandemic. You should always maintain an exercise regimen due to the following reasons.

Boost the immune system

A regular moderate to intense exercise schedule helps the body fight off infections and other disorders.

Prevent weight gain

Exercises help you burn the extra calories and offsetsthe effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Reduction in stress

Stress and anxiety are the two leading urban killers, and therefore exercise regularly to boost your mood.

Sleep improvement

Regular exercise does wonder for your sleep schedule and rest cycles.

However, even with these benefits, it is pretty challenging to maintain activity levels during these troubling times. That is why you need to start thinking about a home gym or devise your moderate-intensity physical activity schedule.

Here are a few suggestions for you.

Involve your family

Exercise is fun if you include your family in the activities. Ensure that every walk, bike ride, and dance workout session is a family affair. You can even indulge in a bit of backyard soccer or basketball to break the monotonous schedule of routine life.

Outdoor exercises

Even with the lockdown and social distancing norms in place, you can still schedule walks, runs, or bike rides for an hour while staying safe and away from crowds. Keep in mind it doesn’t even need to be a full session, as a 10-minute jog can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Virtual classes and online videos

This is the modern-day digital age. If you are looking for inspiration, then all the heroes and legends are right there on the internet. You can subscribe to trainers and physical experts, join an online class for exercises or yoga, or practice along with YouTube videos. When it comes to content related to conditioning and training regimens, there is an entire world of options out there on the internet.

Challenge yourself

When it comes to exercises, the only problem is motivation. This is where you need to challenge yourself and set yourself goals. Ensure you are not setting too lofty goals, as that can have a demoralizing effect—plan towards achieving your goal bit by bit. You can even tackle various calorie-burning chores around the house like mowing, gardening, and cleaning.

Last words

When it comes to maintaining an exercise regimen in these troubled times, the bottom line is to make sure you accomplish at least one physical task every day. It might be the training reps or household chores; physical activity is the keyword.