Peace! There is nothing like it. There is nothing like the power of being able to work in a way, that is holistic, soothing, and comforting to our very Souls. Being in stillness and having peace is a nourishing act; bringing great relief in getting through the very day. Whether that pertains to work, or household responsibilities and duties, maneuvering through the hectic nature of the time is very calming, if you can do it with smoothness and ease. Joy is intrinsic. It is smooth and calming. In fact, its the natural way in which we are able to move through into time.

Unfortunately, you have many of those individuals who specialize in chaos. In fact, they are thrilled by it. Every day is a daily task of fashioning their lives in the Spirit of discomfort. If it just happens that another person is living in peace’s tranquility, they simply have to take the opportunity to see how they can disturb it. Its as if they have this lifelong commitment to cause havoc on the rest of the world’s population. You may try to change them, but it may be all in vain. Nevertheless, you are forced to be within this situation or spacing, and there is nothing you can really do about it. You have to cope, until better circumstances, arise! With that being stated, there are methods to creating an atmosphere of peace in the midst of people, who simply make chaos, a daily part of their life’s journey. Let’s go further in exploring this realm.

*Create A Space Where You Are By Yourself

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Whether it is at home, or within a particular work environment, a quiet place needs to be dedicated to you. It is worth it. Furthermore, it brings a unique vibe, where you can venture to for peace. This needs to be respected and protected. If there is one spot where chaotic individuals are not allowed, its within that place of solace, you have created for yourself. Be firm. Establish consequences for the violation of that space.

*Cleanse Your Mental and Emotional Sectors!

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Negative energies are unable to thrive, where positivity is abundant. Knock. Knock. When was the last time you did some mental cleaning? Emotional cleaning, much? Meditation is crucial and very important when you are forced to deal with chaotic people. You want to make sure that you are not allowing their toxicity to have a place, within your energy sectors. That is very crucial. Remember that chaos likes to spread itself. Do not allow it to occupy a place, within your energy sectors.

*Beautify Your Office Or Residential Area!

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Often times, people treat us how we treat ourselves. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. However, on a general scale, it remains true! Bring flowers or nice decorations into your office spacing. Make sure you are tidying up your room or living quarters. Allow both spheres to reflect spaces of wellness. It is important that these areas are inviting, while also cautious. Highly positive energy repels negative energy. Just think of it this way. Maybe those chaotic and toxic individuals will become so accustomed to the positive vibes, that they will be forced to change. While negativity is contagious, so are nutritious and loving vibes.

*Give Love and Say Positive Things!

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Sometimes, the reason why a person is living in chaos is because they are trying to get your attention. Maybe they are attracted to chaos, because it has contributed to their self-esteem. They may have gained a thrill in spreading their destructive energy, and working overtime to make other people’s lives, miserable. The reality of the matter is that chaotic people are not really happy. Not in the true form of happiness. Fight back with kindness. Sooner or later they will have to concede to love.

*Listen To Calming Music

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Music is powerful. It has the ability to balance out any spacing. Furthermore, it has the wellness tools for bringing healing to areas, that are riddled with toxicity. Music soothes the Soul. It quiets unpleasant sound, and brings rejuvenation to days going bad. The right music does just that!

*Seek Pleasant Energy From Others

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Whether it is fellow co-workers, family members/friends you can call, reach out to positive individuals when you feel the weight of toxic people is overwhelming. Like any flower, or plant growing, you need constant sunlight. Healthy vibes contributes to your shine. Healthy energy must be re-cycled and re-channeled. Do not allow yourself to be drained, by staying stuck in toxic energy.

Working through, around, and within a chaotic world, can take a toll on us all. Yet, its how we manage it, that makes a difference. Once we practice doing that, our lives become easier, and much more calmer to grapple with. Chaos is a choice. It takes just as much, if not more, energy to be toxic, than to be in tranquility. So why not use your energy for good? It feels better. It looks better. And, it breathes better, for those looking to transform deadened energy into something much more fulfilling, and life-giving to the Soul!

(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark