The young entrepreneur and writer Majed Alaa from Iraq has made a big success in the last 3 years of his journey.

He was born on November 13, 1995 on Baghdad, Iraq and raised between Iraq, Jordan, Dubai, and Egypt because of the Iraqi war at 2003.

News is a driving force in today’s society, it’s how we get our information. Serial entrepreneur Majed Alaa recognized that and built his own brand called Talk Of News. It has grown to become a leading source for news in the world wide web. Talk Of News is one of a kind and is not restricted to one category. It consist of entertainment, sports, trends, and more. Majed Alaa and Talk Of News keeps its viewers updated with all the latest happenings from different industries. In the last few months they’ve seen a drastic growth in terms of the traffic with a strong presence on Google.

Founded in March 2020, Talk Of News is growing at a very rapid pace. Besides the website it is also a popular name amongst many social media platforms. Having millions of impressions from the time it launched, the traffic continues to increase. When asked about Talk Of News, Majed said:

Informing people about the latest happenings in the market is what my main motive is. Almost every individual has access to the internet today. I want to keep people informed.”

In very little time, Talk Of News has earned its recognition. Not just among the top influencers in the world, but also among film stars. Many global stars from Bollywood and Hollywood have expressed their fascination with the news portal including Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Ali Levine, Cindy Cowan, Diana Penty, Mandana Karimi and more. “We don’t just want to focus on one thing. We strive towards excellence and want our audience to stay up to date on everything around the world”, added Majed. Sounds like we may be hearing a lot more from this young entrepreneur and his news platform.

As an entrepreneur from Iraq he has changed the entire scenario of Individual business. He began his career as an Interior Designer and later made his foray into Online Business. Having a deep interest in Information Technology, Majed improvised his skills and made his mark as a contender in the marketing and software’s industry.

Majed Alaa is the founder of Talk Of News, a news website which focuses on politics news, artists, celebrities, influencers and businesses. He has employees from all over the world, who are working remotely to create job opportunities.

Besides this, the young entrepreneur also owns a Stock Manager and POS software business called BearCAD, and an Arabic news portal by the name of  Allkhat News.

Talk Of News, is one of the fastest-growing portals on the internet. From the most recent films, to the latest  trends, Majed uses Talk Of News to keep his audience updated with new and authentic information. Moreover, the website has subsequently seen drastic growth and steady traffic with a strong presence on Google search engine.

Majed Alaa has kept his work-life flexible and has experimented with several endeavors. Celebrity management is another feather in his cap. He has worked for many elite brands and artists including Hafedh Dakhlaoui, Kristy Wordsworth, Lionel B, Eric James Gravolin, Hollywood, Warner Bros, 300 Entertainment and many more.