Are you feeling closed in? A small living room can seem even smaller if you don’t have the right furniture or decor to make it work. If you can remodel and gain additional floor space for your living room, that is your best option. It will allow you more versatility in the future. But a remodel isn’t always an option, and even if you gain a few feet for your living space you may need some space saving living room furniture for the new look.

There are several things that can make your room look bigger, including using fewer pieces of furniture, wall art, and table art. Here are some more dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind when choosing your new living room set for a small space.

Making color choices

When choosing colors, do use extremes of either light or dark solid hues. Such extremes, especially in combination with a patterned carpet or tile, will make the walls seem farther apart than they really are. Don’t use patterns that are too busy or harshly contrast other design elements, as these can make the room seem both smaller and more chaotic.

Functionality considerations

Do choose living room sets heavy on hidden storage and multi-function features. Many sofas, benches, and ottomans offer hidden storage to maximize your space. This allows you to only display a few pieces of art, decor, and furniture, cutting down on clutter and making the room seem larger.

Don’t choose overly bulky pieces like sectionals or modular sofas. For one thing, buying one of these large items will probably mean you don’t have any room left for other furnishings. Cramming too much furniture in one room can actually be a hazard, especially if your household includes or frequently entertains those with mobility issues. And make sure you include some type of surface for drinks and the like.

Choosing pieces to include in the living room set

Do use as few pieces as possible. A 3 piece living room set with sofa and two accent chairs, or an accent chair and an ottoman, is more than sufficient for most small living rooms or family rooms. Of course, you will also need to have at least one surface on which to place drinks and other items.

Don’t think that you have to buy all of the pieces in a given furniture collection. Many collections contain pieces that most people don’t purchase, but are still important for those who have the room. Pick and choose the pieces in the collection that you feel you will use the most.

Getting the best price

Do shop online for the best price. Don’t pay full list price somewhere else when you can buy it for less online. Online furniture stores offer many opportunities to save, including steep discounts, clearance items, and the typical retail sales. You’ll get the best price, and free delivery, when you look at certain online stores. Follow to check full catalog of living room furniture sets on 1SB –