Make a wish and suggest an outlet

Suggest an outlet

Organisations have seen a drastic shift from traditional gifting, to digital gift and meal cards. This has given the employees an advantage of personalising the gifts and meals as per their needs. Having digital Meal Cards or reward cards empowers them to order or shop at the convenient hour, be it online or offline.

Having Sodexo Meal Card or Sodexo Premium Card gives the employees the advantage of having access to a wide merchant network. With this network, the employees get access to best-in-class eateries where they can use the meal card to get food and non-alcoholic beverages. They can use Gift Card to buy merchandise from Ru-pay enabled 2 million offline and 90,000 online Sodexo merchants. The meal card is widely accepted at 1,00,000+ touch points including best-in-class eateries, large and local grocery store in 1700+ cities. The solution caters to 3 million daily users in over 11,000+ companies spread across both the public and the private sector. Whereas, the Sodexo Premium Pass is one of the best gifting and reward cards that provide the opportunity to shop at any supermarket, hypermarket, and premium store anything that suits their fancy.

Moreover, Sodexo offers an opportunity for the employees to make a wish for an outlet they would want Sodexo to add to its merchant network. Making a wish is a digital procedure wherein, the employee can suggest an outlet, store, eatery or supermarket which is not on the Sodexo Merchant Network. By suggesting a new outlet on the merchant directory, the employee can express their wish of a potential point of acceptance of the Sodexo card. The employee can suggest a merchant to be added in the directory by the website or app. This helps the existing users to get their desired merchants on board with Sodexo.

In order to ensure the most out of what an employee earns, Sodexo works towards adding more to the rewards. It can be as simple as getting the nearest grocery store on board, or suggesting a branch of an existing hypermarket.