When faced with making a decision, we feel like we don’t know what would be best, so we end up doing nothing. However, there actually is a way out of this haze of confusion!!! One simple way to prevent living in a constant state of confusion is to intentionally choose what your value in your own life.

Values dictate on subconscious level how we live our lives. Many of our values we inherited through life experiences growing up from our parents, friends, and community. There is a very good chance you have taken on many of your parents values and without even realizing it.

In order to make decisions with confidence and clarity you will want to sit down (alone) and choose with intention what you value.

For example, if you value wealth, but every paycheck you run out of money then you are out of alignment with what you think you value. You are not actually valuing wealth. Making wealth a value would look a lot different than this. It might include saving 10% of your paycheck automatically.

How to determine your values:

When you have 20–30 minutes to spend with yourself, sit down with pen and paper. Next, think about your life as it is right now and how you want you life to look moving forward: Write out a list of what you want to value. Try to keep you list now more than 5–8 values.

If you have a lot more than that take a look at that list: Are any of these values things on the list things you do naturally? For example, I value adventure. Adventuring comes natural to me. I don’t have to consciously choose to focus on the value of adventure, because I just do it. However, I really desire to be wealthy and live a life of ease. If you looked at my life now you would see that I am not at all in alignment with the value of wealth or ease, so in order to keep my list smaller I would move wealth and ease up higher on my list and potentially put adventure towards the bottom or leave it off at this time.

You want to place your most important values at the top of your list in order to intentionally focus on those values as you move through life.

Now that you have a conscious list of values you selected carefully by you…all you have to do when faced with a decision is look at your values list in order to see what aligns best with your life: Saying yes or saying no. If it aligns with your values then go for it, but if it doesn’t then say no!! (and it is okay to say no!❤)

Originally published at medium.com