The queen bee and worker bees’ concept has long gone redundant. This is the era where your employees are the main gears behind the competitiveness and success of your organization. It is necessary for employers to understand and adopt the paradigm shift in the way you view the workforce. The traditional practice suggests sticking with a mix of strong, loud-mouthed, apathetic leader persona to keep your workforce at maximum capacity. There are solid instances that show the flaws with this theory. The times ask for a compassionate leader, who makes the employee feel valued and appreciated. Taking proactive steps to ensure that each individual within the workforce feels satisfied in their professional roles is the new mantra to keep your company at the forefront. 

Understandably, as a leader, you will constantly find yourself on the podium. There will be instances when you will be forced to reconsider whether to show your vulnerability and imperfections or to remain the passive, perfect figure in the organization. Perfection is not devoid of the covenants of care and belonging. In truth, these values make you and the organization ideal among your employees. We find a strong example in Arianna Huffington who has revolutionized the concept of a workplace to make it an environment free of stress and the sinister employee burnout

In case you find yourself in a bit of a pickle on how to be a leader and still care about your workforce, consider the following simple and easy ways to become the perfect boss of the century. 

#1 – Don’t think like a leader to be a leader.

Relating to your employer might seem like an elusive lever in the psychology of workplace systems but, in truth, is a firsthand tool to create a strong bonding with each individual within the force. The old convention of strong leadership says to be different from those working below you. These privileges that make you stand out as the queen bee can also be the very reasons behind the wedge between you and your people. Often, showing them your imperfections and how you are no different from them can be the easiest way to build a workforce that truly cares about you. Mingling is the new code behind employee loyalty

#2 – Offer a helping hand. 

Assisting your employees during roadblocks at the office is a common trait among all employers. However, employers who help their people with their personal hurdles are the true breed of leaders. Using the hard cash to solve problems is not the right way to approach the issues either. Instead, take out the time to identify their issues, find sustainable solutions to help the troubled employee. Maybe, you have a new addition to the workforce, and indeed, they are nervous about the new change. You can take steps to make them feel more included, perhaps throw an after-work dinner party, help them by introducing the other members of the group. The key is to create a sense of belonging. To become a wall to which your employees can lean on and know that their issues are not being ignored but considered. 

#3 – Be a Creative Boss

Keeping your people happy and motivated can mean small initiatives like- introducing candles all around the office to keep the senses refreshed. It can also mean installing well-made work desks or chairs for better back support. A little step can go a long way, especially when stress comes creeping, accumulating, and bringing down the productivity of your employees. Take proactive steps to counter the creeping stress levels by making the workplace also a way of holistic healing and balance

Aquariums are a fantastic office décor item that can bolster the mental health of your employees. If you have noticed the ever-present, large aquarium in your doctor’s consultation room and wondered why? Well, there is solid backing to the fact that fish aquariums improve the quality of your sleep, alleviate stress levels, reduce anxiety and pain, and enhances creativity. Bring in new elements from the natural setting, go the rustic way, and lift the morale of your employees. A fish tank will not only enhance the aesthetics of the workplace; it also becomes an ideal focal point or the go-to icebreaker before rigorous meetings or complicated projects. 

Keep track of their interest and remember the dates. Offer them a gift on their birthdays. Praise them when they are on the right track. Realize their potentials and offer them a task that challenges their creativity and critical thinking. Every good intention and action are a gift for your employee WHEN they know that they matter. 

#4 – Clients are not the ultimate priority.

Nobody said it as well as the business magnate, Richard Branson- “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” Every time you choose to ignore grievances of your employees caused by a stuck up, aggressive client, the sense of animosity and helplessness grows bigger among the workforces. A remedy to that conundrum is to inspect the situation, create a zero-tolerance policy for clients with nasty attitudes. A high paying client is a one-time loss; an unhappy and hurt employee is a long-lasting wound. 

 #5 – Transparency is a virtue. 

Imperfections do not suggest incompetence. Most leaders would take the elusive road to avoid awkward conversations when it comes to offering feedback to their employees. The ideology is flawed, and it will backfire! Instead of avoiding the confrontation, give them honest feedback. As a leader, your word counts among your people, by default. By being truthful about their performance, duties, and tasks, you will get better results when compared to hiding behind the veil of a passive-aggressive boss.

Investing in your employees is THE ticket in the express ride to the corporate zenith. Make peace with the fact that prosperity and praise go hand in hand within a workplace. Offering your employees, the power of autonomy, and fluidity will make them feel empowered. Make your people loyal by enriching their professional lives. Build a culture where they are YOUR PEOPLE!