5 Feng Shui Design Tips For A Happier More Productive Life!

How well are you living? Are you in your “happy place” or do you feel like you need to go off to some magical land to find it? I have some great tips to help you design your “happy place” right at home. Who wouldn’t want to live in a happy magical setting? Why should you have to go away or travel to find it and then only for a brief period? What if there where actual ways to design your space to feel like a fantastic and magical place?  If there was a way to create a setting for yourself that provides a positive experience on a daily basis, you would at least try it right? Guess what, it’s called Feng Shui! Consider Feng Shui as a way to invest in your well-being and happiness.

Narrative Space isn’t just the name of my Feng Shui business http://narrativespacefengshui.com/, it’s the basic premise of Feng Shui. The idea being that your space is a reflection of your story and that by using the physical language that is Feng Shui as a tool to edit and consciously write your story or physical narrative, you become empowered! You can use the principles taught in this more than 5000 year old earth science to create a fertile setting for your hopes and dreams to thrive all the while living in harmony with the natural rhythms of nature. I’m a Feng Shui expert so it’s my job to help people create a setting that is aligned with their highest good and provides a positive foundation for their lives. I put them in harmony with their environment by maximizing on it’s energetic potential. Your home is your foundation.

All the advice I’m sharing you can easily apply. Work with what you have and if you need to invest in a few new pieces, there are numerous retailers and interior design resources whether online or brick and mortar for every budget to help you create an idyllic setting. If you want help achieving optimal results, a Feng Shui consultation can help you put in place a cohesive plan that not only incorporates the aesthetics of interior design, but helps you maximize on the energetic potential of your space. Feng Shui factors in good form and placement, elemental balance and also helps you make the most of the energetic themes present in your space with an energetic map called the bagua. There are 9 different themes present in every home including: Abundance, Fame, Love, Family, Health, Creativity & Children, Skills & Knowledge, Career, and Travel & Helpful People. The Bagua map helps give context to each area of your home or physical space as a whole and can further be used to treat each individual room as a complete narrative. Even without knowing all there is to know about Feng Shui, you can begin to make the most of your space by incorporating some of my tips. I’m going to share my top 5 actionable tips that you can apply right away! These tips will help you to design your “Happy Place” so that you’re not just a visitor but a permanent resident.

1. The Bedroom; as your luxury suite!

Your bedroom is the most important room in your life and from a Feng Shui perspective, everything energetically begins here! Treat this room as its own universe. Make it beautiful, inspiring, intimate, comfortable, tactile, and luxurious. Invest in a quality bed and bedding. This is your most important piece of furniture for your health, love life and overall well-being. Ideally have 2 night stands for balance and symmetry. Rest & Romance are the key themes here but ultimately every aspect of your life is reflected in the narrative expressed in your bedroom. Consider how your bedroom feels, looks and reflects. This is the environment you experience at the beginning and end of your days and will feed your conscious and subconscious mind with all of its most important cues. Think carefully about the art and visual cues here and how they can lift your spirits. Focus on what the overall story being expressed in your bedroom is, then consider how that relates to the way your life is playing out. Make sure that the images, colors and decor you incorporate are positive, soothing and aspirational. I can’t emphasize enough how much this space impacts your experience of life and your ability to rest, renew and regroup each day. Design this room so that you feel like you have stepped into your very own beautiful luxury suite!

2. The Bathroom; as your fancy personal spa…

I consider the bathroom to be a key sanctuary. People tend to ignore or underestimate the potential of a bathroom. Done properly, your bathroom can be darn right luxurious. It’s not hard or expensive to create a spa like experience here. Some fancy soap, bath salts, essential oils, lotion, candles, a pretty shower curtain and lush towels go a long way to creating a setting you would otherwise pay good money to spend time in. I always recommend candles here because it helps create elemental balance in a room where water, metal and earth element (tiles) are already emphasized. Plants or images of them are a nice touch to bring in wood element. I also like to have music so I personally have blue-tooth speakers in here. Make bathing an event! We can all have our own personal spa experience right at home…

3. The Kitchen; as a gourmet restaurant!

Good Food is not only important to good health but in Feng Shui we view the kitchen as an important center for prosperity and well-being. Depending on where it is located in the home it can include other themes as well, but focusing on health and wealth is a good start! Having a well stocked kitchen can also enhance your ability to entertain at home and have community. Food is energy, love, creativity and health. Even if you don’t shine in the culinary arts, try to have fresh nutritious foods you can easily serve or prepare. Simple luxuries like having a really lovely bottle of wine and your favorite dark chocolate in the fridge can also have a positive impact. A well stocked fridge is a Feng Shui symbol of wealth. It is such a treat to come home and have something delicious and nutritious readily available in your very own personal gourmet “restaurant.”

4. The Living Room; as a festive and intimate local hang!

Whether or not you like to entertain, it sure is nice to have a space that feels festive and comfortable. It’s such a treat to come home and have all your needs for entertainment and comfort met. Consider a nice stereo and entertainment center like a television in a setting that is well appointed with cozy seating and intimate lighting. Healthy plants can really enhance your environment and not only raise the vibration but promote greater well being and air quality. Your living room can be a place you are proud to invite your friends or loved ones to visit. Investing in such a space can ultimately spare you on the untold expenses of constantly going out. It’s nice to have the option to stay in because when your home is your “Happy Place,” you will actually want be there!

5. You can even have a fitness center!

A mini home gym can make all the difference! This is another largely overlooked factor in creating a setting that is not only lovely and comfy, but supports your well being and ultimately your happiness. Good Feng Shui is creating a space that supports a healthy lifestyle. You can go all out and have a full on modern gym or keep things simple by having a yoga mat, work out videos, a stationary bike, or free weights. Any kind of exercise gear that is readily available and easily stored is perfect. I think it’s important to make your health and fitness not only a priority but an accessible part of your daily routine. We don’t always have the time or inclination to get to the gym and some of us don’t want the extra expense of one. Maybe it’s too hot outside to go for a run or it’s raining. Whatever the case may be, I recommend creating simple actionable options to work out at home. These initiatives will go a long way to supporting not only your fitness and health goals but your happiness. Endorphins are the best antidepressants I know of and they are free! For help designing your happy place, you can reach out to me at [email protected] or visit http://narrativespacefengshui.com/.


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