Like a lot of people growing up in the UK, I was raised Atheist. I was taught religion, spirituality, magic almost anything that brings hope, grace and ease into your life was for weak people. Those who aren’t strong enough to “face facts” and need to live in a “fantasy world”. Again, like most people I believed what my parents taught me and lived my life within this discourse for decades. Throughout the shocking, earth shattering death of my eldest brother when I was fourteen, through the difficult years that followed as my family fell apart.

I was so committed to this way of life that I may never have stopped to question it. I may have continued to exist in this grey, unforgiving, lonely state had the Universe not pulled out the big guns to wake me up. A series of choices meant I found myself homeless without any money following a failed suicide attempt four years ago.

Nothing subtle about that. The Universe had spoken loud and clear. When you find yourself alone, scared with nothing and nobody in your life you suddenly realise you have absolutely nothing to lose and maybe, just maybe it’s time to rethink the way you’ve been living. Having pulled out my world from underneath me, The Universe clearly then decided I needed to be drip fed the truth until I was full ready to step into who I am now.

It started by throwing the Law of Attraction at me. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be someone telling me that “your thoughts create your reality” and that “gratitude is an attitude”. I literally couldn’t have sunk any lower at this point in my life. There was one thing in me however that had never changed. I was a FIGHTER. Always have been, always will be. I found myself living in a homeless shelter surrounded by people who had just given up. Drug addicts, sex workers, alcoholics. OH HELL NO. I was not going to become this.

So I started to fight for my sanity. I volunteered with charities and studied at a free college. I started to change the way I spoke to myself. The Universe wants you to be happy. The minute you start working for yourself, not against yourself, it will move mountains to reward you for your efforts. Suddenly my YouTube suggestions were things like Abraham Hicks, affirmations and guided meditations.

I started meditating, saying affirmations and writing down all the things I was grateful for: daily. My Facebook timeline suddenly contained ads for free webinars on The Law of Attraction and how to find happiness within yourself.

Four years later I’m living in the magical city of Istanbul. I cannot imagine NOT meditating, setting my intentions and asking my Angels for guidance daily. Things I once believed didn’t, couldn’t exist are now part of my daily routine. I’m now a Theta Healing® practitioner. I change people’s lives by changing their beliefs. I routinely talk to trees and fairies. I recently healed a friend’s “virus” by having a chat with the Leprechauns.

Just yesterday I received this message from a client who had been dismissed from her job and had to wait two months for a hearing to determine her future. During this time she experienced guilt, shame, anxiety, depression.

“Just want to say thank you so much babe. I actually wouldn’t have been able to do this without your support. You’ve literally stopped me from feeling suicidal throughout these last two months.”

Awakening to my spiritual self has not made my life perfect. I am still me. I still have challenges. I still have limiting beliefs and fears. Embracing this new truth, accepting that everything I once believed did nothing but drag me down and surrendering to the knowledge and the belief that there is a higher power, that I am loved and supported by The Universe and The Creator allows me to choose to be happy. All the time. There have been times when I had no idea how I was going to pay my rent or feed myself. Not long ago this would have left me bed ridden with anxiety and terrified. Now, I’m able to let that go. I have magic tools at my disposal (and so do you). Now I’m able to meditate, ask for help and trust that it will be given.

If you think you don’t have time to be spiritual, to mediate, to focus on you, to listen to your soul I want you to reconsider and ask if you have time not too. Binge watching Netflix. Scrolling your social media accounts, holding onto anger or resentment because your train was late or your neighbour blocked your driveway; none of these things will change your life for the best and they are all taking up time, energy and head space.

You do not need to sit cross legged on a cashmere rug surrounded by scented candles with monks chanting in the background to be spiritual and meditate. Take 5 minutes. When you’re waiting in line for your coffee. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let it out. Five times. That’s it. Your grounded. Walk through the park, or by the ocean. Live in an urban jungle? Download an app on your phone.

The Universe has your back. I know. She told me.


  • Julie Lachtay

    Global Theta Healing® Practitioner and Happiness Junkie

    Hi Beautiful. I have a tendency to be super chatty and waffle so I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet- like me. I grew up in a small town in a family who liked to remind me I was a waste of space and would amount to nothing. I chose to believe that for a REALLY long time. It led me to depression, a suicide attempt, homelessness. Blah blah. Now I’m a certified Happiness coach, a Theta Healing® practitioner, co-creator of Sacred Soul Awakenings, a published writer and I have a First Class (hons) BA. Take that Dyslexia. I specialise in helping amazing women free themselves from anxiety and get their JOY back.   I have a magical life filled with love and miracles. I'm currently in Chiang Mai and I have NEVER been happier.