the best out of Pandemic lockdown

Before Coronavirus or Covid-19 has reached Germany, I’ve been following updates through Twitter and our friendly Google. I was half worried and curious at the same time with a thought, what could this virus bring to the entire human race?

Will half of the population be erased due to this virus?

Media is not even a great help at all. Yes, they give information, but some people take advantage of the situation. 

They spread lies through WhatsApp and wreak havoc to people’s mind with the thought of food shortage, and of course, toilet roll inadequacy.

However, if we give in to this fear, we would be defeated before this infamous virus reaches our system. 

I thought, what about making the best out of this situation? At the end of the tunnel, we would see a silver lining. 

Here are the ways to change your mindset concerning Pandemic lockdown:

· This situation has its end

Like, among other things, including pandemic diseases, we should think that it will end, and we don’t have to suffer for long. Instead of counting the death toll, why don’t we count the recovered cases?

Big countries are trying to find the cure or invent a vaccination against the virus, heck, even my home country, the Philippines work on it too.

Like SARS in the year 2004, I was still young way back then, but I was already aware that something was going on in the world but based on my research SARS just disappeared, and so I believe, COVID-19 too.

· The government is not the foe

This is a virus, so small that we couldn’t even see it with our naked eyes. And that’s the nemesis why you are trapped at home, you can’t go to work or visit your friends. The best thing to do now is to cooperate with the government when they want to protect you and your loved ones. 

I hear and read news almost every day people rallying and I thought, this is merely nonsensical when they are fighting against the government. 

Some celebrities in the Philippines use fame in maligning the president of the country when all the president wants is to preserve the life of his people.

Yet some people only focus on his threats to shoot those who are not compliant with his words. 

These people fight for human rights, but the president is fighting for human lives. 

· Focus on the good things

Instead of keeping tabs on the death toll, why don’t we focus on the number of people recovered from the disease?

If you’re kvetching about getting trapped at home with your family, think of some people who have to suffer at home alone because they’re far from their families. 

You can’t travel now? Why don’t you reminisce about the good times you were in that marvelous island and plan for the future when this pandemic ceases?

You should better stay in the comforts of your home than expose yourself out there when you don’t know who carries the virus. 

· This pandemic gives you time

You’ve been complaining before you didn’t have the time to do this and that. Now is the time to accomplish those things you’ve wished you could achieve. 

This pandemic gives you time for yourself, to recuperate, and to heal. Coronavirus may be the nemesis we all try to avoid, but it gives us time to think and focus on things we have neglected before. 

Instead of complaining of getting sick from seeing the same faces for a month already, think of the times you have wished, your family or your parents have the time for you. 

· Coronavirus unites us

Regardless of how worst we consider this lockdown is, Coronavirus also brings us together. We may be from different countries, different races, and have different skin colors, but we work together to solve this pandemic. 

One of the rules to survive Coronavirus is social distance or isolation, but it doesn’t also stop us from helping other individuals who are in need. 

Some are not that fortunate to have this work-at-home job, and due to this pandemic, some offices and workplaces are temporarily closed during the lockdown, which means no work, no food. 

These people who are affected by this drastic change are becoming dependent on financial help. 

And this is what unites us, in times of difficulties, we are not alone.

Those who are fortunate help these individuals in need.