The other day I encountered something I don’t usually talk about too often (if ever). Mostly because it’s not in my norm. Yet, I found myself…tired. Not even just tired, more like depleted.

With this being such an atypical feeling, I checked in with myself. Without my phone or any distractions, I closed my eyes and I said, “Gina, what’s really going on for you?”

In reflection, I noticed I had taken on way too much recently, going full speed, and not properly delegating. All major no’s for me!

I had wrapped myself up so tightly in all the exciting new launches, from challenges to starting a podcast and releasing new epic programs. I was pouring my whole heart into these passion projects. In return, the excitement had me losing sleep, indulging in one too many of my favorite treats, and neglecting my daily vitamin regimen. No wonder I was feeling extra exhausted!

If this is something you find yourself struggling with regularly, I want to help you get into a place where you can enjoy all the excitement, without overspending every ounce of your time and energy. When we take a moment to pause, check-in, and prioritize our needs, we also develop the space to just be. With these three steps, take back your energetic power and open up the gift of time!

  1. Stop pushing, start prioritizing. All people harness two energies– the masculine (giving) and the feminine (receiving). When these energies are properly balanced, we feel elevated, spirited, and aligned. However, when one is overpowering, we start to feel the effects. If you notice that you have been constantly pushing– the next project, program launch, email sequence, etc. and not prioritizing your feminine principles of fun, play, and relaxation…then it’s time to slow down! Indulge in a bubble bath, get your hair done, or attend your favorite yoga class. When you take the time to replenish your own energy, you can show up more fully for others!
  2. Find 5 hours a week. I know what you’re thinking, “5 hours?! That’s crazy, I don’t have that much time.” Let me first say, yes you do! You always have the power to find the solutions (because they’re always available to you!). By delegating more tasks to a team member, hiring a nanny, or implementing a new daily routine, you can find 5 additional hours a week to dedicate solely to self-care. Just thinking about that makes me feel so much calmer and more relaxed, how about you? When we let go of self-sourcing (thinking we need to do everything all the time) we free ourselves of the heaviness. And whatever it takes to do that, is well worth it!
  3. Receive and acknowledge your accomplishments. Reflect back to just this week alone. How much did you get done? I’m sure you’ve achieved much more than you’ve given yourself credit for. Let’s change that today! Let’s start celebrating our wins, both big and small, and begin acknowledging all that we do instead of all that we don’t do. This is the key to divine living, not just divine working! 

How do these 3 steps feel? Are you already visualizing all the possibilities, feeling into the higher vibration, and noticing where you could utilize more support within your life? Fantastic! Now you are truly starting to ask yourself the deeper question of “how good am I willing to let life get?” And when you open up this time and space to simply be, you will notice the abundance of creativity, time, and connection you have available to you in any given moment. 

Congratulations on this next-level and more fulfilling way of life!