Every parent has the power and opportunity to make their child’s life better. Empowered and confident children who are loved and who know how to ask for and utilize support, will change the world. Your love is everything and you have more power than you realize in shaping the way your children, or the children you love, see themselves and experience the world. 

It starts with your self-care. How well are you taking care of yourself so that you can take better emotional care of your children? When you relax into vulnerability and practice a self-care routine consistently in front of your children, it allows them to trust that the parent in charge is healthy and in positive leadership.  

Watch your words. My challenge to every parent is to tell your child that there is nothing wrong with him or her. Tell them this because it is true. Teach your children the difference between who they are and their choices. Teach them how to clean up and correct choices that they regret. Teach them how to ask for help when they need it. When children feel wrong or criticized they learn to shut down their voices and to question themselves. There is nothing wrong with who your child is, and they can choose again, as they learn that they are loved regardless of a choice they made or did not make. 

Model the life that you want for them. Live how you want to live, not for your children to follow in your footsteps, but so that they can see that it is possible for them to blaze their own path—so that they can create and live a life that they are proud of. Remember that your child watches every move you make and listens to every word you say. Your way of living is the roadmap that they will follow as they learn what is possible for their lives, by watching and learning from you. 

Yes, there are challenges. Remote learning. Limited funds. Limited time. The stress of the unknown. And you are stronger. What’s more important than strategy, and what to do with or about your children, is how you are being with yourself and with them. 

Above all else remember that your best is enough and you are your children’s sun, moon, and stars.