Despite how it seems, your every day is still YOUR every day. You still have responsibilities, schedules, and goals that need your attention. You always had and always will have the power to choose how to make the most of your days, starting with your mornings.

Mornings are the richest, but they can also be tough. Rolling out of bed, wanting to sleep a little more, a million things to do, the phone pinging, and time seems to be moving faster than you can. 

But, mornings also set the tone for the rest of your day. 

So being mindful of how you begin each day can result in bringing more awareness to how you spend your time and energy moving forward.

Morning motivation is all about aligning your mind, body, spirit, and soul to set a clear intention for your day, increasing your focus, energy, and productivity. It’s exactly how it sounds…its MOTIVATION.

The preparation is simple!
You will need about an HOUR before you start your regular routine for the day (getting dressed,  eating breakfast, scrolling on social, etc)

Find a quiet, private space away from your bed (cuz you will sneak back in if tempted…I know you!). Make the space beautiful and motivating with photos, affirmations, flowers, candles, etc!

Set a timer if needed. The routine is broken up into small parts that would be helpful to time. 

Grab a journal and pen.

Bring an inspirational book, podcast, or magazine – something that is fun, educational, and empowering.

Be open-minded and patient with yourself. You’re trying something new…it  will take some time to get into the flow, but stay with it and notice how you feel. 

[10mins] Prayer:

Prayer changes everything. My late Grandma Suber taught me how to pray and it’s been my comfort and joy ever since. Spend this time focusing on the areas and people in your life that you want to gain love, support, and clarity. Trust God (or higher energy – you can insert name of choice) with these prayers and release them from your worries. The energy exchange between you and God in this moment builds faith and insight. Once you release your prayers, spend some time listening to your inner wisdom for any immediate responses.

[5mins] Journaling:

Journaling is a way to release random thoughts and feelings from your mind. You can think of this as ‘soul writing’, where for five minutes, you dump all thoughts into your journal without editing or hesitancy. This is a great way to release negative thinking, doubt, fear, and frustration. It can also be a time to write all of the encouraging words people say about you or the amazing achievements you have or will accomplish. Write non-stop for 5 minutes, whatever comes to mind; let it out!

[10mins] Inspirational Reading:

Starting your morning with a positive word or affirmation always steers the mind in the right direction. This is the set-up for the step-up in your day. When you focus on the positive you attract even MORE positive. So, find affirmations or an inspirational book to give you a little joy and confidence that your world is beautiful and loving, and purposeful!

[15mins] Stretch:

Now that your mind is #WOKE, it’s time to wake-up your body! A basic stretch or sun salutation allows your muscles to release tension that may have built up while sleeping. Stretching has stress-busting abilities and will leave you feeling recharged, refreshed, relaxed, and ready to start the day!

[20mins] Meditation:

Twenty minutes of your morning motivation is spent in stillness…with eyes closed and deep breathing. Meditation is about bringing your attention within and letting go of stress, anxiety, and negativity.

When the mind is calm, it goes to a deep serene space where you can clear clutter and find peace, joy, and freedom.

The effects are lasting and you can keep this clear consciousness throughout your day, increasing focus and productivity. The more often you meditate the more easily you will access the results.

In this moment, meditation is about loving yourself just as you are. No need for any outside influence. Just breathe and BE.

Give To Yourself First

Before you give yourself to a job, or to friends, or to social media…make sure you give to yourself first. Your interactions are so much richer as a result and you will feel more confident, grounded, and loving!

Spending time with the most important person in this world (YOU) develops your confidence and deepens your spiritual, mental, and physical growth.

Your mornings are sacred gratitudes of being alive. Honor them and create magic! TA-DAHHH