We all have tough days and even weeks. Sometimes, life can feel overwhelming. We are bombarded with messaging that tells us we aren’t enough and that we should be doing better, or be further along in our lives. Firstly, I want to tell you that is BS. You are more than enough and you are not the sum of your bank accounts and instagram likes. Secondly, you are sovereign of your own reality. Your internal reality is out-pictured as your external experience of the world. As architect of your reality, you can create it as you choose. And, as such, you can hack your mood!

My newest book, The Mood Book: Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit, is your own personal literary mood ring! Whether you want to change sadness to joy, transform a broken heart into an open heart, or revolutionize your fear to freedom, I have recipes and advice to fix any mood. In my easy-to-follow guide, Through the powers of oils, crystals, plants, and baths you can tap into a reservoir of transformative energy.

Turn Worry to Peace: Your Calm Crystals

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. Try Rose Quartz to induce a sense of emotional calm. It is also helpful to help you relax into a sense of overall unconditional love. Place it in your environment and on your body to help you foster self love and let go into a sense of self trust and feelings of emotional safety.

If you need something to calm your being, look no further than Moonstone. It has a gentle feminine energy. It brings tranquility and opens your intuitive senses. This stone is also a wonderful spiritual stone for meditation. Place in your environment or wear it to elevate your more subtle senses. Meditate with moonstone in your hand or near you while using my easy, free Mp3 for instant calm.

Turn Sadness to Joy: Your Euphoric Oils

Oils are excellent mood enhancers. If happiness is what you seek, these are all the oils you should consider for bliss:

  • For a sensual infusion to make you more present to life mix: jasmine, lavender, and rose oil.
  • To help dispel mild depressive states blend: neroli and cedarwood oil.
  • For a boost of exotic bliss mix: lime and ginger oil.
  • To maintain a great mood combine: bergamot, grapefruit, and nutmeg.

You can blend these therapeutic grade oils in a diffuser. Also, you can mix them in a carrier like almond oil and wear it like a moisturizer or add it to a warm bath. Combine these oil blends with distilled water in a spray bottle to make a delightful linen spray. Spritz sheets, towels, and even lamp shades.

Turn Fear to Freedom: Your Sovereignty Bath

Try a bath ritual tonight to enhance your confidence and feelings of self esteem and security. 

For your bath, you will need:

  • One or more pieces each of smoky quartz, black obsidian, and amethyst
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Passionflower essential oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Elderflower tea
  • Dried astragalus

First, make a brew of elderflower tea mixed with dried astragalus in a pot of boiling water. When that’s ready, draw your bath and add a few drops of each of the oils. Place the crystals on the edge of the bathtub as you immerse yourself in the embrace of warm, fragrant water. As you sit there, meditate on the idea that you are worthy and perfect exactly as you are. Confidence and self-worth are your birthright because you are magnificent. Let these truths seep into your skin and bones. Recite the following mantra, “I own my space. I own my life.” 

Turn Lethargy to Vitality: Your Powerful Plants

Vitality can be defined as a state of being active, energetic, and alive. When I was doing research for The Mood Book,I learned so much about the power of plants and added that to my experience as a medical intuitive to create my best tip to jumpstart your health.

Teas infused with rosemary can improve cognition and enhance mental clarity. It is also effective when used for aromatherapy. You can put rosemary essential oil in a diffuser to elevate your mood and clear your mind. Rosemary can help you create the clarity and sharpness of cognition needed to flow into a space of creativity. 

As a medical intuitive, I want to help you feel good in your mind, body, and spirit. You are perfect exactly as you are. You can use all of the hints and tips in this article to elevate your mood and focus on treating yourself with love and engaging in rejuvenating self care.