Growing up is all about getting to know yourself in a new light. Teenage can be a pretty vulnerable time of our lives as we are on the threshold of being officially recognised as an adult which makes us all the more conscious about our appearance. This is the biggest reason behind the unwavering curiosity of teenagers which makes them eager to experiment with everything new. It’s all about trying, failing and trying again which teaches them about what suits their skin best. At the end of the day it boils down to accentuating your best features and maintaining its glow throughout. Today we are going to discuss about some basic pointers which can be of great help for teenagers as they dive deep into the world of makeup and beauty.

  • Skin care has a big role to play in determining how well your final look will shape up. You can opt for a gentle skin cleanser to protect your skin from the harmful chemicals present in makeup which will come in direct contact with your skin for the very first time. Makeup for beginners point out at the usage of toners for settling the pores which needs to be followed up with a hydrating moisturizer which is not too heavy.
  • When it comes to makeup, less is always more. It is not necessary to use foundation unless you need to hide some specific blemishes. The skin of teenagers is very tender and needs to breathe. Excessive usage of foundation can clog your pores making your makeup look cakey. It can also worsen your skin condition if you have acne-prone skin. As an alternative, you can use a concealer along with a tinted moisturizer to hide the blemishes in your face.
  • Shades of makeup can either make or break your entire look. It is imperative to opt for a shade which is closest to your skin tone while choosing foundations, concealers and moisturizers. For swatching, you can apply it around the jaw line as trying it out on the back of your hand might not yield accurate results at all times. It is always advisable to check the shades during daytime to see how it actually looks on your skin.
  • Sheer lip colors and glosses look more natural and are easy to apply. You also don’t need to worry about applying it with perfection or eating it off along with your lunch. Lipstick on the other hand might appear too heavy and even dry out the lips easily. If you are wearing shimmery makeup overall, then you can opt for a nude or light lipstick shade to tone it down. Alternatively, you can also use a lip tint or blush for that dash of color on your lips.
  • Eyeliner is optional for teenage girls since it might not always stay in its place given the active lifestyle of teens. Try to save the eyeliner for the formal occasions where you will not be required to prance around much.
  • Brown mascara looks best on blue and green eyes whereas darker shades look better on black eyes. You can use an eyelash curler for giving your lashes a lift starting from the root of the upper lashes. This can be followed up by applying mascara in an upward motion.
  • Teenagers can experiment with an array of eyeshadows as long as the colors do not come off as excessively harsh or bold. And if you are in the mood for sporting a bold eyeshadow then don’t forget to keep the rest of your makeup as much minimal as possible. Shimmery makeup looks best on teenage girls. You can take your pick amongst pearlized shadows in the shades of taupe, ivory, light blue or celadon green. Start out by applying a small amount of eyeshadow and blending it liberally in the crease of the eye. If you are using a bold color, then keep on blending until you can create a light “wash” of color. Harsh colors can prove to be extremely tricky while proceeding with makeup for beginners.

Teenage years can be extremely stressful as you will be under constant pressure to balance friends, high school, events and extracurricular activities. It is also a time when dabbing makeup in full swing comes to our mind. Some makeup tricks such as smoky eyes and dark lips look good only on grown-ups. It might end up looking tacky on your young face. Our tutorial is targeted at all such aspects so that you look flawless without overdoing it. Makeup should be a fun routine which can soothe and relax you to core. And if you don’t like how the end result looks like, you can wash it off easily using a cleansing lotion or face wash. During teenage you skin tends to react to a large number of products while some even cause breakouts in extreme cases. Thus, you should always test a product before buying it and take a look at its ingredients especially if you are allergic towards something. You can also ask the store for some free samples and see if it causes breakouts.


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