The pandemic has been difficult for so many, including dear friends that we are unable to see at the present moment. What’s the next best remedy when we are unable to see close friends? Making and mailing out a care package!

A care package can be full of all sorts of things you know will put a smile on your friend’s face. Not sure where to begin? Follow this primer to get started making a special care package.

Handwritten Note

Start your care package off with a handwritten note.

What should you write about in this note? Just about anything that you know will make your friend feel like you’re thinking of them and took the time to write out a few meaningful thoughts. Here are a few tips for what to share in a handwritten note between pals.

  • Turn your note into a literal superstar. Fill up the note with fantastic adjectives that describe your friend and express gratitude that they are in your life. Cut the note into the shape of a star so it stands out and can always be easily found.
  • Share a funny memory together. Start off with “remember when?” and fill in the blanks with a memory that will inspire the giggles.
  • Draw! Fill your handwritten note with illustrations if words aren’t your forte. Add colorful drawings of their favorite cartoon characters, animals, or even self portraits of your bestie.
  • What if your friend is going through a rough patch? Use the handwritten note to express your heartfelt condolences and let them know you’re there for them.

Gourmet Chocolate Bar

Treats in a care package are a must, especially chocolate!

Mix up the types of gourmet chocolate you mail to a friend. Add a gourmet chocolate bar, a box of mixed chocolates, or even a chocolate spread that can be paired with other yummy treats like fruit or waffles.

Natural Care Items

Think of a simple natural care item to add into the care package.

You might choose a face mask, an aromatherapy roll-on, soap in a zesty scent (like lemon), or a mint lip balm. Good scents will fill up the care package and inspire invigoration or calm.

Relaxing Drinks

These options may vary depending on the occasion and season. Consider slipping in one of the soothing beverages into your care package for a friend.

  • Hot chocolate. Perfect for the winter weather and curling up with a good book after a long day.
  • Coffee. If your bestie works from home, they’ll be thankful for that extra java in the mornings.
  • Tea. Slip in a bevy of different types of tea bags as a fantastic stress reliever. Plus, a cup of tea is a soothing self-care must-have.
  • Mini bottle of bubbly. Did your friend recently celebrate a big achievement at work or major milestone in their lives? Include a mini bottle of champagne to pop in congratulations!

Cute Masks

Before mailing off your care package, don’t forget to include a few cute masks! These masks will act as thoughtful reminders to continue keeping each other safe during this unprecedented time.