I made it to a TEDx stage. I had been contemplating making it to a Tedx stage for a few years. I, like many people, have watched hundreds of TED talks. Also, I like the idea of their mission, ‘ideas worth sharing’. That tagline is very befitting because as a society, we watch a lot of various people talking on social media on a daily basis.

I was fortunate to have met the organizer of a brand new TEDx in my area at an event where she was conducting a presentation. I followed up with her, applied and was selected to speak on the TEDx Delthorne Women stage. Eraina Ferguson did a superb job of producing the event with the theme being ‘Better Together’. Myself and fourteen other ladies shared our ideas on stage in Torrance, California.

People have asked me how I got on stage and how did I speak on stage.
There are three keys that landed me on the TEDx stage.

  • Research
  • Opportunity
  • Preparation

After meeting Eraina, I began researching TEDx talks. I wanted to have a better understanding of the mission of the organization and purpose of speaker’s talks.

When an opportunity presents itself, we must be open to the possibility of transformation. Many opportunities are missed from lack of the ‘follow-up’. When I met Eraina, she relayed to me when the applications would be sent out. I immediately made a note in my calendar to send an email on a particular date. If I had not set myself a reminder, I am pretty sure I would not have remembered when to follow up. When opportunity knocks, open the door.

As a speaker with TEDx Delthorne Women, we were fortunate to be provided with the services of a speaker coach. I listened to the coach’s suggestions and asked for feedback. A valuable resource was provided and the services were utilized.

Butterflies were definitely felt before taking the stage, yet I did not let the feeling stop me. When it was time for me to take the stage, I took a deep breath and began my talk. When we want to overcome fear, we have to not think about the fear. Think about the intent or the purpose of the action being taken and make it happen. Share your ideas.