Now that the schools are closed, our daily routines have slightly changed and I no longer have the luxury of quiet space & time where I can work.

We have a small living room with a lot of furniture in it. There is also a TV which takes up more space than I would like it to. An open plan kitchen with the ironing board in the middle of it, hasnt been put away in days. The dining room table has been turned into an office desk, play area, arts and crafts table, ping pong table and I had to draw a line when the football knocked my cup of coffee, nearly spilling it all over the laptop.

But amidst this chaos there is harmony & calmness I have not experience before. Watching my children play, using their creative imagination makes me realise how adaptable we can be. It has only been 2 weeks and already they are less reliant on technology for entertainment purposes. My daughter who is 6, used to spend her waking moments counting minutes until she is allowed to watch another TV show. Now, more and more often, it is only in the late afternoon when she realises that she watched no TV all day.

This week my kids have put on puppet shows, made movies, star wars drawings, baked, cooked, played music and so much more. Adaptability has certainly increased their creativity, and creativity made adaptability a lot easier.

I learned a lot from them this week. Trying to juggle 2 businesses, cooking, cleaning, exercising, meditating; I have made a choice to step away few hours a day from my work and enjoy this time with kids instead. We tried some unsuccessful Geo-cashing expedition. Walked to a nearby farm to see horses. Baked cookies (they baked, I cleaned) and built puzzles.

I also signed up for ‘Be Extraordinary’ program from Mind Valley and getting my inspiration from books and podcasts, making sure that no negative media enters our house.

It is a lot easier now to find the inner stillness and dedicate each morning to meditation which enhances my personal and business performance and reduces sense of overwhelm.

Successful people who are happy and who enjoy life, have a strong sense of purpose and passion.  It is those people I am inspired by and it is their message I chose to listen to. We are always going to have problems in our lives, whether they come up as personal issues, professional challenges, or just bad luck that ruins our day.

If we can train our minds to view these problems as opportunities for growth, we will become far more adept at handling them quickly, efficiently, and with less stress.