As modern life continues to change rapidly with the advent of new technology, the pace of daily life only seems to increase along with it. Stress, anxiety, and even conditions such as clinical depression are far more common than they were just 20 short years ago and there are no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, mindfulness and meditative practices give us the ability to take control of our life. Where our lives were once ruled by stress and constant anxiety, mindfulness and meditation give us the ability to create a greater sense of peace and balance where there was once very little of either.

There are many options for training in meditation and developing the power of mindfulness.

  • Traditional monastery or meditation center classes: These offer an
    intimate environment if you’re comfortable practicing with others near
  • 1-on-1 sessions: This offers a more personalized training
    method that can offer a lot of value, but often at a much higher cost and
    still requires travel time like the previous method.
  • Retreats: Retreats offer a lot of value due to the
    heightened intensity of training offered and are something any
    practitioner should try to do at least once in their life but also require
    the largest short-term commitment of any training method.
  • Online Training and Mobile Applications: There are a number of good options now via web or phone and while they aren’t always the same as in person sessions or retreats, they can provide great alternatives to those who wish to meditate daily, but have a hectic schedule.

The great part about these various training methods is you can mix and match various formats in a way that fits with your schedule and style of learning.

The only downside to these traditional methods are that they all require travel and a decent time commitment, so while extremely valuable, they won’t always slide nicely into a busy schedule. In the past, this was less of a problem. Nowadays? Modern life requires something more convenient.

Luckily, technology has begun to deliver just what is needed to make mindfulness and meditation training more accessible to the masses.

The Future of Tech for Mindfulness and Meditation Training

The reality is, most of us are just too busy to devote time each week to visit a monastery or meditation center. And a week-long retreat? For many of us, it’s not something we can do regularly.

Luckily, just as science has begun to confirm the power and effectiveness of these more than 2,000-year-old practices, technology has also begun to offer easier and more convenient ways to practice whenever and wherever we want.

Training systems such as Shinzen Young’s method now offer a more focused, effective, and convenient way of receiving traditional mindfulness and meditation training grounded in the latest scientific research.

Institutions such as Harvard and Carnegie Mellon University have already leveraged research from Shinzen’s system for mindfulness and meditation training and many of the largest companies in the world such as Google, Apple, and Disney have implemented similar mindfulness training programs for their employees as well.

However, while online training systems are powerful and offer the convenience necessary for modern life, technology now offers an even more convenient way of practicing mindfulness and meditation: your smartphone.

The Smartphone Generation and Mindfulness and Meditation Training Apps

To complement online training systems, modern technology now offers a new alternative for mindfulness and meditation training: smartphone applications.

Brightmind is a smartphone application that offers Shinzen Young’s training in a format that you can take on the go. For the average person with a busy work schedule and other priorities, using an app on your smartphone is the perfect format for maintaining a regular mindfulness practice.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, whether you’re waiting at the airport, sitting in a waiting room at the doctor, or taking a quick break at work, Apps like Brightmind gives you the ability to pull out your phone, throw on your headphones, and meditate or practice one of several different training methods based on your specific goals from relaxation to positivity.

Now, you can train valuable skills and qualities for helping you better navigate the busyness and fast-pace of everyday life with greater peace and balance all while you’re on the go.

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