Making Money besides Your Primary Job

Monthly expenses are increasing and a major chunk of your salary is divided between rent, food, clothes, loan installments, insurance, etc. After all these major expenses are cut from your monthly income, you are left with a little amount to live through the rest of the month.

Admit it, even after getting that promotion or job appraisal, you still find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet with your salary. Cutting your expenses would be a good idea because you should develop a habit of saving and not spend your savings in indulgences. However, if it requires you to make frequent sacrifices and you find yourself avoiding too much, then it is probably not worth it.

Saving is key but if you are having ramen on a Friday night after a long day at work just because you do not want to get completely broke in every fourth week, stop doing that. Your best way is to earn some money up front and extra besides your monthly income. You can explore what you can do besides your day job, and it would allow you to discover certain talents and skills. Besides, it would be a healthy experience to engage in some different kind of work other than the usual one you are so used to. Heed your interests, find some activity that can take up your extra hours and earn some money.

Here are your options:

instaGC: Instant Gift Cards offers gift card redemptions. You need to become a member by signing up and perform a number of tasks given to you by the website. These tasks vary from completing surveys, watching videos, etc. and they are pretty easy to do. Once you complete the tasks, you are given reward points. You can redeem your points in an instant and anytime you want! Plus, you do not need to have any prerequisites in order to work this way. You just need to be old enough – 13 years or more.

So basically, it is like getting paid for simply doing the things that you already would do over the internet.

Participate in focus groups: Researchers and organizations are always conducting primary research and they could or you could reach out to them. If you have a background on something or wish to be a part of a research, participate in focus groups. Big organizations are always luring people into these opportunities by paying a sum.

Chauffeur or delivery driver: If you get off work early or have some free time, how about you become an Uber driver or deliver Domino’s for people? It’s a great way to earn especially for students who can muster up some energy at the end of the day for a couple of hours.