Why is money so unevenly distributed ?  Most of it seems to be in the hands of the few and no matter how society tries to rearrange  itself to redistribute it evenly, it still ends up in the same places.  This article will to explain how this happens and where energy fits into the picture.

It has often been said that money is an exchange of Energy and energy is a scientific component.  Money therefore can be assumed to have a scientific element as well.

Einstein said that Matter is equivalent to energy E =MC 2 .  Matter can be converted into energy so therefore energy can be converted into matter.  Matter from the money perspective can be seen as stuff, physical value , assets etc.

There is a factor that many miss, with the idea of energy exchanging for money,  that is,  there is two kinds of energy  They are Potential and Kinetic energy.   

Most people  are brought up to focus an the kinetic energy ie. Energy generated from motion doing things.  Getting a job is the motivation of educational establishments.  Working hard though a good practice will not alone increase the average income by very much during a lifetime.  There needs to be something else.

The missing component is understanding the importance of Potential energy.  This is energy gained by position.  Water at the top of a hill has potential energy as it has the ability to flow downhill.  A pendulum at the top of its swing will be similar, just as electrons will flow along a wire due to a difference in potential energy.

Why then can’t the acquisition of wealth follow the same principle?

The key is how people position themselves within society.  Poor people position themselves badly. A product might have a value set by the market but human worth and value is ultimately set by the individual themselves.  Positive thinking manifestation and the Law of attraction are all examples of potential energy and very slight adjustments in potential will enforce huge difference results.  

How does this work in practice?  A  man,  Mark, once was desperate to join the Navy as electronics engineer He was fairly technical but though accepted into the Naval Academy did not reach the standard required and was expelled.  He always had a flair for writing and decided to try his hand at journalism He joined a local rag but lacked the drive and pushiness  to make it as a reporter and finally left feeling a complete failure.

He studied the concept of energy shift and realised that success was just round the corner.  He was better at writing than most engineers and he was better at engineering than most journalists He decided to make a career out of scientific journalism and became a huge success.

What Mark did was to use a  small shift in thinking that is a shift in Potential energy to create a massive shift in Kinetic energy his income and associated lifestyle.

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