The artistry of travel is a life changing experience. In fact, it is an elixir, where one is able to gain Universal knowledge and wisdom. Eye opening. Exposing one to different lands and cultures is an adventure all on its own. Whether it is driving, getting on a cruise, or jetting off in air time’s flight, the excitement of travel is rooted in one’s ability to simply get up, and go!

There is the aura of having fun, and taking a break from life’s hectic nature. Simultaneously, what is rarely mentioned is how our travel adventures serve as spaces of healing and restoration. Sometimes people have the tendency of using the travel experience, as a way of running away from personal problems. Whether they be family, friendship, loving relationships, financial matters, or what have, people take advantage of the travel industry, to get away.

While the world of travel is life changing, and Soul searching, it should not serve as a basis in fleeing from our problems. On the contrary, when venturing to other lands, we should actually be making use of our time there to unearth hidden talents about ourselves. Allowing yourselves to have fun, while also tackling challenges. There just seems to be something miraculous taking place, when we find solutions, and gain another type of knowledge, while abroad. Something about the travel experience, tests our ability to problem solve. That’s if we actually partake in the travel journey, well!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

No one wants to think about problems back home, while on vacation, or while located, overseas. After all, part of venturing to distant lands is to give our minds a break. The danger, however, of ignoring problems and circumstances back home, is that it has the possibility of transforming our travel locations into a mental prison. Using the experience to run away, while keeping our problems, at bay.

The artistry of travel is how we are able to acquire skills in spiritual, mental, and emotional clarity. Using our opportunity overseas in assessing how we can perceive our problems differently. What are the tools within a particular land, which brings an auspicious method in solving challenges? How does the local population deal with periods of grief and misfortune? Furthermore, what can be learned from the culture, that one immerses in, which can be carried back when the foreign escapade is over?

The entire aim of traveling is to experience ourselves within another area on Earth’s planes. Bringing truth into the travel adventure is essential. Even while abroad, are we being honest about how we are feeling spiritually, and mentally? Traveling does not mean we will always feel good, once we reach our destinations. Of course, that is the whole point of travel. Worries and anxieties can also kick in, when we are distant.

One of the perks in being able to travel, while going through personal and societal challenges back home, is how we can use foreign spacing, as a site of release. Creating this auspicious aura gives a level of vitality in our emotional well-being. In cleansing ourselves of mental toxins, we are positioning ourselves as the owners of our destiny. It also means that we are in control of our healing process. With enough practice in releasing emotional toxins, we are reminding ourselves the importance of leaving our fears in the spaces, where we came to heal.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Facing problems, troubles, and pains in different lands means we are taking advantage of our travel awakenings, in order to make life better, when returning home. The point of travel should be to make our home experiences better. In leaving one area for a particular time, we are gaining a level of freshness. Travelers are re-birthing, and re-storing ourselves, all over again. During this point in time, we are creating the reality we wish to see, back home. The Heaven and emotional bliss, experienced on our vacations, is what is desired back in our home cities or rural spacing. Which means we are using our vacation, and foreign escapade, to gain those essential skills in creating a personal paradise for such skills, once our time abroad has ended.

There is a lot to gain in the industry of wellness travel. Furthermore, it’s a euphoria arising from one’s ability to observe how movement allows us to solve problems. Finding answers that we may not have come across, while we were home. The whole purpose of travel is to spread positive energy. Circling that energy within ourselves, so that we may carry it back with us, once returning. Even while away, the experiences we have overseas can be used to bring changes to our families, loved ones, home spaces, and nations, while in distant gardens. Our travel experiences, and energies, are not meant to be contained for one’s own pleasures, or ego. In fact, we are sent afar, in order to return, anew. That is the very essence of the travel experience and wonder.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Another fascinating element concerning the travel experience is how we are exposed to other travelers. For whatever their reason may be, they have traveled to a space in search of, something. Your travels are amplified once you meet with fellow travelers, who not only value the artistry of travel, but want to interact with you on this sacred journey. Perhaps, they may have the answers, you have been secretly needing. Perhaps, your journeys were purposefully intertwined, as their own experiences have given them a wealth of knowledge. The beauty of traveling is that it directs you towards fellow Beings, who hope to achieve a level of tranquility and healing. Even if that is not your aim, you are forced to reckon with it, as such. High-energy, spirited travelers do not allow you to hide under the illusions of comfort. Nor do they permit you to use traveling as an excuse to escape your responsibility of escaping healing, once you have been immersed in it. That’s the true essence of your travels. It is not meant to be used as a hide out. On the contrary, its purpose is to prepare you for your travel revelation. Every traveler has one, if not more. It’s that “wow” moment when you finally realize the hidden meaning for having come into this space, to begin with.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

Finally, we have the purpose of bringing closure to past struggles. Many times when we reflect upon events in time, or atrocities, which have happened to us, we only think of the, now. Rarely do we look at what has happened, before. When I say before, I am specifically hinting to a prior memory, within our spiritual psyche. Perhaps, one of the reason for chaos, or discomforts, within our home lives, is that we have not completed a task from lives, prior. Maybe there was something left undone, and so our travel experiences have forced us to return to that particular project; whatever its location on Earth’s planes. Wherever it may have been! Once we have completed, or improved upon, those uncompleted tasks, we are then allowed to find peace, when returning home. The other option is that we are able to make, and spread, peace within our communities, and nations. Furthermore, if we have traveled well, we have also done the work of establishing balance, within the very spaces we have traveled to. That’s the wellness of travel, in all of its authenticity.; Edits By Lauren K. Clark

We can never run away from our problems; no matter how intense, or horrifying, they may be. Wherever we run to, they always find us, and they will not leave us alone, unless we have solved them. The travel world is valuable in such knowledge. You might as well take advantage of these distant moments, as incubators of solutions. Experiencing travel in every component of its artistry. Travel heals, if you allow it to. A great part of that healing is connected to vulnerability. A realization that the space you have ventured to is intertwined with the place, you have come from. The work you do in the foreign, will reflect the realities in the present.

Whatever problems or pains you experience, while on your travel escapades, embrace them in full view. Hold them up to the sky; allow the sun to glitter upon the scars. Examine them. Study them. Once you have come to the realization that your travel tools have been given to you, move through that spacing in exploring the answers. Jog through them. Create within them. Sight see underneath them. And when you finally find them, make sure to tuck them away in your package of souvenirs. Transporting them back with you, for others to enjoy. Letting others experience wellness , in your travels, too!; Edits By Lauren K. Clark; Edited By Lauren K. Clark


  • Lauren K. Clark

    Lauren K. Clark hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently based in Cairo, Egypt, she is a lover of travel, studying different languages, the arts, and more!

    Coming from Atlanta, Georgia, Lauren K. Clark came to Cairo, Egypt for her graduate studies in Gender & Women's Studies/Migration and Refugee Studies. A writer, published in 6 countries, project coordinator, working with refugee/migrant children, and just enjoying the magic and power of life. The world of theater is her therapy, and the performing arts lavishes her world! Enthralled with the mysteries of the Universe, and all the beauties, Creation has to offer.