Every week I interview success holders, elite entrepreneurs, and business owners on the Empowered Millennial Podcast to contribute to my mission of spreading the messages of personal development globally. This week Andy Audate, the Millennial Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, and author of the book No More Average shares his take on making the jump from average to great by answering the three questions below.

Q: What are universal lessons that entrepreneurship has taught you?

Andy: “Continue to keep going regardless of the bumps in the road. Then eventually you’ll get to a place where you look back and you’ll realize your progression, you’ll realize how far you came. So in entrepreneurship, its.. take action, keep going, and look back to see how far you’ve progressed.”

What I love most about Andys response is the last 3 tips: Take action, keep going, and look back to see how far you’ve progressed. These 3 things can be applied no matter what path you take in life because none of us are exempt from challenges and hardship.

With Andy’s tips we can remember in those hard moments that we need to take action when it’s tempting to become paralyzed from the pressure we may feel.

Secondly, we must remember to keep going. As long as we keep going we can not fail, its only when we stop and decide to give up is when we fail. 

Lastly, looking back to see how far we’ve progressed. It’s so easy to forget our growth when challenge hits, so looking back ad giving ourselves credit for what we’ve accomplished is vital because we can encourage ourselves that if we did that, we can do this.

These tips will keep you from living an average life and give you the strength to live the great one you’re called to.

Q: What are things we do that cause us to have an average life?

To be conscious of what causes one to be average helps us to live intentionally

Andy: “It starts with the people that you are around. I wrote my book, No More Average, because I surrounded myself with average individuals, and therefore that made me average. Their thoughts, their principles, their theories were upon me because I surrounded myself with them. So if you hang around a different group of individuals you can literally change the forecast of your life.

In addition to that, taking upon other people’s instructions for your life. What average people tend to do is take upon other people’s goals and set it as their goals because they’re not in alignment with what they want to do in their life.”

I couldn’t agree more with Andy. Being conscious of the people you surround yourself with is necessary if you want to live a great life. Often times, people can be careless about who they associate themselves with for the sake of being liked or fitting in and that can lead them to an average life or down a negative path. So being highly aware of the types of people that are closest to you is a crucial step in moving from an average life to a phenomenal one.

Then Andy talked about taking on others instructions as your own. This will happen to those who don’t have clarity about themselves and what they want. Without clarity, you will take on other people’s agendas. So I would encourage you to get to know yourself in such way that no one could derail you from your purpose because when you pursue your purpose passionately and wholeheartedly living an average life is impossible.

Q: For the person that is afraid to jump what would you say to them?

To Jump means to do something or go in a direction you never have before, with everything in you  

Andy: “Life is like this, we’re born and then we die and then we only have so much time in the middle. You need to make a decision of what you’re going to do in the middle. Regardless, no one gets out of life alive. So you need to make a decision for yourself, and jump towards your goals and your dreams because when you get to that point you’ll miss out on every opportunity you did not take. Every opportunity you did not take will be forever gone. So take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity – Eric Thomas. So Jump, Jump!”

To Andys response I say, without jumping you’ll never know what could’ve been, and I believe that’s one of the worst regrets to have. Settling for what you have when you could be so much more. Taking that risk brings out parts of you, you didn’t even know was there and the willingness to go through that grueling process is what separates the average from the great. The greats are willing to risk it all and take a chance on themselves for the sake of being great and creating something exceptional.

So like Andy, I encourage you to Jump so that you have the chance to experience the lessons, blessings, and opportunities that await you on the other side.

From these three questions, I want you to always keep going regardless of any challenge you may face, become aware of those you surround yourself with and take the jump that you know you need in order to experience something you never have before.

Thanks for reading! I will have more for you soon 🙂 

Source: alexisparris.com/em20