Our homes are places of refuge from the noise of the outside world. We all need a space that allows us to feel at ease. No matter what is going on around us or in our lives, it’s nice to be able to shut out the distractions, refocus our energies, and find our center. Our homes can provide that sanctuary and allow us to be our best and most productive selves even when we leave the comfort of our home. If your home is causing you stress or doesn’t help you to recharge properly, here are a few tips to turn your home into your oasis. 

Housekeeping & Declutter
Whether your home is a tiny studio apartment or a large multi-story house, it’s essential to declutter your home. Psychologically, when our homes are cluttered and untidy, our brains also become cluttered, and we’re less likely to be able to power down. Keeping a tidy living space and decluttering can help your home feel cozier and less stressful. Making sure you have a place for everything can help give you a feeling of control over your environment. Only keep out the things that you like and that make you happy. 

Bringing nature into your home can make us feel closer to mother nature. Plants are an inexpensive and relatively low maintenance way of incorporating the natural world into our homes. Photos or paintings of nature scenes and using natural accents like river stones, seashells, or driftwood, to decorate your home can also provide an Earthy vibe in your home. 

Letting natural light into your home, particularly in the morning hours, can help to align your circadian rhythms, providing you with energy to start the day. Getting as much natural light as your windows will allow can boost your mood and change the feel of a room. As the day goes on, the dimming of the natural light will signal your body to begin winding down for the day. When you need to use artificial lighting, try using dimmers and soft-colored lights to set the mood. Candles can also be a good option.

Using an aromatherapy diffuser and high-quality natural scented essential oils can help you create a soothing environment in your home. Natural scents such as herbs and flowers tend to work best. Certain scents, like lavender, are known for their calming properties, while others, like citrus scents, are known to energize and lift your mood. You can even create a mister with essential oils to spray in particular areas of your home where you’d like to establish a specific mood.

Whether it’s a comfy chair for your reading nook or high thread count sheets for your bed, you can make your home a cozy cocoon. A small touch of luxury can go a long way. Utilize your favorite colors and create spaces in your home that make you happy and relaxed. 

Music can relax us or give us energy. Almost everyone has some music they enjoy, so curate playlists of intention for the moods you’d like to set. Perhaps one playlist of calm, relaxing music, and one for boosting your energy levels. 

Once you’ve designed your home to bring you peace of mind and rejuvenation, make sure you honor that. Do your best to unplug from the outside world and tune out the noise while you’re home. Turn off electronics about an hour before bedtime, and you’ll likely sleep much better. 

Article originally published on DawnDemers.net