Picture the sun rising on the farm. Everyone wakes up when the rooster crows and someone heads out to milk the cow. Depending on your family and homestead your morning routine may differ. Today I share with you my homestead morning routine for the most productive day possible with kids.

Living on a homestead with my husband and our kids, animals, old fashioned way of living completely changed my morning routine. Then transitioning to a stay at home mom lifestyle with a baby and toddler has required changing the morning routine I’ve always had for the past 25 years even more.

My mother used to wake me up, I’d have a shower, have breakfast, do my hair and makeup, make my lunch and head out the door with all my homework ready to go.

When I went to university it was much the same, and when I was a teacher it was still pretty much the same.

I never had to worry about getting the kids fed and ready for the day, or set myself up so I could accomplish work tasks at home. I didn’t have quite the same chaotic stressful morning or find myself more tired, hungry and frantic than when I woke up originally.

Now, as a wife, mother and work at home homesteader and blogger my routine has changed. As I made the transition, I would find myself in a ponytail and my pajama’s at 5pm if I wasn’t careful. When I come to think of it, I think my mom was always the first one up in our household growing up. 

The only way I could get some me time and to feel more productive was to create a new morning routine for myself. Since then my life has finally started to feel productive and I have more control over my own time, finally!

Here’s how I put together my ideal morning routine for life on the homestead.

Morning Routine for Homestead Moms

I asked myself what would help me be a happier, more productive person during the day? My answer was a little exhausting. I wanted to feel like I had time to wake up, I didn’t want any distractions, I didn’t want to feel needed or nagged for at least 30 minutes. I wanted to know what the day was going to look like, I wanted to feel more put together, and I wanted to feel like I had done something for me before anyone else. How selfish 

Here’s how I took my needs and made them a priority. 

I have to be extra carefully in our old tiny farmhouse because I don’t want to wake the boys before the day starts. This is my time to get ready for the day and wake up and feel ready for whatever is thrown at me. 

I’ve found that the sooner I get myself put together, then the better I feel and more productive I am throughout the day. The only way I’ve figured out how to do this is by being the first person to wake up in the morning and have some me time. 

And my secret to getting out of bed before anyone else, is coffee and colouring! Scroll for the details. 

My Homestead Morning Routine


I wake up when the rooster crows, or more like when my alarm goes off at 5. My alarm reads, GET OUT OF BED THIS IS YOUR TIME! So, I get out of bed when it goes off and I go to the bathroom. In the bathroom I’ve written my routine for myself on the bathroom mirror, and why I need to stay up and complete it. DO THIS, AND YOU’LL FEEL BETTER!

The night before I’ve put a glass for my morning water and drink it before going into the kitchen.


I’ve prepared the coffee machine the night before so all I have to do is start the coffee machine. Then I read my plan for the day on the fridge that I’ve prepared the night before.


A morning shower really helps me wake up, I like to think that the things that are bothering from my morning “brain dump” get washed away down the drain as I come up with a quick game plan to tackle those issues.


I get dressed into my day clothes I’ve laid out the night before, If I don’t then I’ll end up putting my pajamas back on so I don’t wake my husband and next thing you know I’ve been wearing them all day. 


I have my multivitamins all laid out in my pill canister so I don’t forget to take them. I thought I’d be old enough and responsible enough to take my multivitamins, but turns out if I don’t pre organize them I’m to distracted to remember if I took them.


Coffee and colouring is my motivation to start the day. I love colouring, I love coffee. I like colouring and coffee together. While I’m colouring I’ll choose a word or intention for the day and write it down. I’ll also do a brain dump of anything that’s bothering me or I feel like I need to be doing. I use my adult colouring pages I’ve printed off and added to my personal planner. 


Now I feel ready to make a from scratch breakfast for my family. Everyone is happier when they have a full tummy, and the sooner they eat the better. Or we have a winey miserable household. No thanks. I just have to make sure I eat too. 

Everyone plays and says goodbye to dad as he heads off to work. 

Children have play time while I start my morning routine



Put in 1 load of laundry and set the machine to quick cycle. I then race to get the following done before the laundry machine beeps ( 35 minutes)


I clean kitchen and hand wash, dry and put away the dishes.


-Take out dinner. I find if I know what’s for dinner first thing in the morning than I have a better day and am not as stressed out during the day trying to shop and plan for something. I’ve gone ahead and made a 5 week meal plan and posted it on my fridge. In the morning I just have to take out the meat to thaw or the prepared freezer meal.

If we need a snack or bread, I’ll preheat the oven and prepare for baking.


5 minute laundry basket tidy- Erin Tannehill from Tannehill Homestead taught me this one! I go around the house with my laundry basket and fill it with clutter, things that don’t belong where they are. Then I go through all the rooms emptying the basket by putting things where they belong. The key is having a spot for everything. 

When the laundry is done, I hang it on the line or in front of the wood stove in the fall and winter. 


By this time of the day I feel ready for anything. My goal is to always be complete by 8am. 

I’ve had my coffee, shower, breakfast and the house is tidy. 

Then I get the boys ready for our daily morning adventure. More on how I manage to get stuff done with a baby and toddler in this post.

I like to keep it that way by heading outside for an errand, chores, play or a visit with friends and family. When we come back, the boys nap and I have a few hours of work, before starting on our afternoon/evening routine.

I also try very hard to not have screen time until I’ve done my morning routine. I feel I’m better able to handle what might pop up on my news feed or respond to a question or demand from someone. 


This of course is ideal, but life doesn’t always go that way. That’s why I’m so thankful I came across my friend Anna’s tips for turning around a bad mom day. Cause honestly, we all have them and trust me I’ve had a more than a few. 

Creating this routine helped diminish my bad mom days, but they don’t just disappear. So don’t be to hard on yourself. I wish you a productive and happy day. What have you found helps you have a better more productive day? How do you handle the overwhelm of the daily demands? Please comment below! Can’t wait to hear from you. 

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