Mamma’s love can never be replaced; nor can one find an abundance of it. Her love is beautiful, intriguing, exquisite, and a connection to a Higher level of abundance, since ancient times. Yes. Her love has been celebrated since the beginning of time. Child birth. Menstrual Cycle. The ability to allow another life to grow inside of her. All of these factors grant her the power (and decorum) to keep the realm (and entities) of time. That is why Mamma is celebrated.

We remember the Venus Of Willendorf, and her shaping. Her large and curvy form of fat ruffles were symbolic of an infinite wealth of nutrition. Furthermore, they were from a greater source, that Mother was connected to. Such was connected to the Divine. Always remember that Mother’s presence was never solely for an Earthly realm. There were treasures, and layers, for moving deeper into her level of exploration. What is even more profound is that such a mystery makes one want to know greater things about her. Even when one is an adult, one may never truly understand, Mother.

Still in the world of opera, and Mamma arrives, again. Of course, this time it’s more with an Italian taste! The song, shall we ask is called “Mamma Quel Vino E Generoso (Addio Alla Madre).” Mamma Mia! Mother is generous, and more materially wealthy, than what we could possibly imagine. Through it all, her abundance is always pure! It is endless and will never fade away, for human greed or indifference! Mother will always be here-both in the physical and spiritual realms. She never really left, during her transition. You just have to get used to her physicality being away.

Shall we move along?

Now, we have Mother’s connection to WINE! Well, isn’t that Divine! Like the culinary of fine wine, Mother also ages well through time! There is a wellness about Mother, which permits her to glow.

Mamma, quel vino e generoso, e certo

Mother, that wine is generous, and surely

Oggi troppi bicchieri, Ne ho tracannati

I have guzzle too many glasses today

Vado fuori all’aperto

I’m not going out in the open air

Ma prima voglio, che mi benedite

But, first I want you to bless me

Even in the culinary expressions of wine tasting, Mother is always, there! Should you be surprised? She often has advice for anything, which is grown from the Earth. Always! An Earthly woman is, Mother! Like the fine wine, her timing gets better, every time!

Enrico Di Giuseppe