Don’t touch HIM!

What if I do?

Who’s going to believe anyway?

He’s mum too.

He’s liking it inside

Or he’s just gay!

It’ll be his fault anyway.

Tears drop down his beard,

‘But men don’t cry’, never heard?

Let them do what they want to?

No one’s here

None to look up to!

Ages and hence,
they won’t comprehend
The marks, the scars,
#metoo is his right, too!

No one to ask,

‘What is he going through?’

They only say, “Man up my boy,
That just can’t happen to you!”

‘Enough is enough’, he has to say!
And throw the mercy away,
For old and young,
For weak and strong
For the circle of crime’s here to end!
It’ll be a bright day again!

Yes, he’ll walk with pride,

True women and men by his side,

No fear in those eyes

Burying his monsters alive,

Tears of joy, it feels so right
Because Men too, can cry!