We all know what stress can do to us. It is just not fun living with it every day. But it is inevitable! So what’s the next best step … manage it the best we can.

I am a wife, mom of two young boys, a full-time working woman. Needless to say managing kids, household chores and work assignments all go hand-in-hand. And do I get stressed? Of course I do – the kids need to be ready on time, picked up on time, what’s to be made for dinner, house needs to look better than a garbage dump, can’t have weeks of laundry lying around, office deadlines have to be met…the list goes on.

There was a time, I was going crazy with everything around me. By half day my head used to be hurting. I used to feel exhausted just thinking about my ‘to do’ list.

It’s surely a lot better now. I just figured my own way to deal with it. At least I am totally sane and don’t have these panic attacks anymore. What did I do? Implemented these few simple rules in my daily routine. These simple techniques have helped me immensely and I want to share this with all the women out there who are multi-tasking life events.

(1) Be one step ahead of your stress factor – Know what causes stress – is it the morning ruckus of getting kids ready on time, is it your new assignment, is it skipping lunch. Not everything gives us stress. Know what triggers your stress levels and keep it in check. Figure out ways to counteract that activity. Maybe it is as simple as getting up 15 minutes early or talking to more people. Make a conscious effort to control or limit your stress factor.

(2) Don’t plan to do everything together or in a single day – Space out your activities and don’t try to be perfect! It is ok if kids have not taken bath for a day and its definitely ok if the laundry is lying around for two days. Get to it when you can.

(3) Prioritize your activities and deadlines – Plan your day to do the most important things and second most important things and stop at that. If a document needs to go out, make sure it’s done. If it means dinner has to be take-out so be it!

(4) Do something you like – Take time for yourself. Do something which will relax you. Even if it is for a few minutes a day. Maybe it is doing meditation, maybe it is reading a book, maybe it’s listening to you favorite songs. Do something fun and enjoyable just for yourself.

(5) Talk to a close friend – Spend time with someone who is close to you – a friend, a partner, your spouse. Just chat, laugh and talk about each other’s lives.

Go ahead try them or come up with your own. But make sure you stick to them. Get stress out of your life. Life should be beautiful, warm, peaceful and tranquil – It should be who you are. And you are all this and more!

Good Luck!